PoE Eye of Chayula Build & Price

Eye of Chayula is a unique amulet. The base type is Onyx Amulet. The required level is 20. It adds 10 - 16 all attributes. The main feature is 30% increased rarity of item found. Meanwhile, it reduce 20% maximum life. Furthermore, Cannot be Stunned.
The flavour text is "Never blinking, always watching."

Eye of Chayula

PoE Eye of Chayula Price

PoE Eye of Chayula Price

The price of Eye of Chayula Onyx Amulet is 1 Chaos Orb. You can use PoE currency vendor recipe to get Chaos Orbs.

How to get Eye of Chayula - Prophecy

The Watcher's Watcher is a prophecy. For faster results, use Orbs of Transmutation and Alteration to re-roll a strongbox until you get the prefix mod: Guarded by 3 Rare Monsters in one of the given areas.

Objective: Kill a rare Wandering Eye in one of the following locations:

  • Act 4 - The Belly of the Beast Level 1
  • Act 4 - The Belly of the Beast Level 2
  • Act 4 - The Harvest
  • Act 9 - The Belly of the Beast
  • Underground River Map

Reward: Wandering Eye will drop Eye of Chayula upon slaying.

Upgrade vendor recipe

This item can be transformed with a Blessing of Chayula.

  • 1x Blessing of Chayula + 1x Eye of Chayula = 1x Presence of Chayula

Notes: upgrading an alternate artwork Eye of Chayula will not result in an alternate artwork Presence of Chayula (which does not exist).

PoE Eye of Chayula Build Guide

0.3% Players have used this unique amulet to build their character.

Main Skills

Main Skills Percent
Storm Brand 56.00%
Winter Orb 9.00%
Divine Ire 3.00%
Soulrend 3.00%
Vaal Spark 2.00%
Spark 2.00%
Ice Spear 2.00%
Lightning Spire Trap 2.00%
Blight 2.00%
Death Aura 2.00%
Shrapnel Shot 2.00%
Dark Pact 2.00%

Keystones / Ascendency

Keystones / Ascendency Percent
Zealot's Oath 80.00%
Chaos Inoculation 80.00%
Ghost Reaver 73.00%
Righteous Providence 69.00%
Sanctuary 69.00%
Pious Path 69.00%
Inevitable Judgement 69.00%
Runebinder 56.00%
Templar Ascendancy 16.00%
Necromancer 16.00%
Guardian 16.00%
Blood Magic 16.00%
Witch Ascendancy 16.00%


Weapons Percent
Wand / Shield 34.00%
Mace / Shield 31.00%
Sword / Shield 20.00%
Dagger / Shield 13.00%
Bow 2.00%