Fallout 76 Caps Farming 2019 – 2020 After Patch

If you want to buy something in fallout 76, you almost always need some protective caps. In addition to buying change everywhere, it’s hard to find a quick way to get change, especially if you plan to make some big purchases in the future.

To help you fill your pockets with hats, we have compiled a guide that lists all the best farming practices. Some are easier than others, ranging from completing a mission, eliminating certain enemies or looking for a specific location.

Best place to buy Fallout 76 Caps

Fallout 76 - How to FARM 2K CAPS After Patch

Fallout 76 Easy Caps 2020 — Farm Cap Stashes

Sometimes you may come across a hiding place with a lot of hats. Well, it turns out that they are generated in a fixed location between servers, which means you can plan a route and compress it to each route, move the server and repeat the process.

Please make sure you give a watch to the video of the French Tomahawk, because it details the wonderful route of hat cap breeding, which will bring you ridiculous income in an hour.

Kill the Super Mutant

Any super mutated fortress or town is a great choice for quick earning caps. Super mutants always put caps on them, so eliminating a bunch of them can really fill your pocket.

The production rate of super mutation fortress is high, and the legendary enemy can make you obtain powerful spoils. After clearing the area, skip to another server and repeat the process. After several operations, you will get a lot of ammunition, ammunition and more ammunition.

There is a town of super mutants east of McClintock camp, and another attraction is the prison in the East.

Mothman Eggs

Go to the Mothman Museum area and look around for Mothman’s eggs. You will find them scattered around black and red clumps. Stick with it as much as you can before loading into a new server and collecting more data. Once you can no longer carry eggs, sell them to suppliers for topping.

Farming (literally)

You can occupy the camp in fallout 76 as a base of action. Many of them have a lot of valuable resources, such as veins, you can harvest aluminum and so on. If these materials are not required, they can be sold at any time before or after smelting.

Set up water purifier, you can also sell a bucket of water purifier yourself. In the past “ fallout “ games, this is a very good way to make easy game ceiling, so if you have enough patience, resources and plans, you can try it here.

Finish the task

It seems to be given, but it’s still a reliable way to make coins . We suggest that you summarize the list of border defense tasks and spend a lot of time to distract as much as possible. They always reward a lot of caps, so you’ll soon have enough in stock.

In order to maximize efficiency, please do your best to complete the task according to the location, so that you can fly from one location to another quickly without spending too much time, or even complete two tasks at the same time!

Fallout 76 Easy Caps 2019

There are 1400 roles a day, with a total of seven vendor factions. If you can keep 5 characters for sale and turn, you can have a maximum of 7000 characters per day. Some fine food, chemicals and clothes sell well. The equipment plan is difficult to pass. Unless you like it and hate dealing with people, it may not be feasible or worthwhile to invest too much in this route honestly. I have a replacement, sometimes I just want to make more space to sell things, but to be honest, I don’t think it’s usually worth the trouble.

The “best” way to get top pay is to study the players’ financial situation in depth. If you can use a highly demanding serum formula, you can print the basic cap. While you can find other niche markets, there are always legends of good farms in nuka white springs (or anywhere else) and selling the best to people. If you can figure it out, you can save the most with the player economy.

Hatching is a quick and easy way to make coins , but about three-quarters of the spawning sites have been removed, especially the best places people talk about (whitesprings, prisons, some outhouses with two ash stash, etc.). There seems to be some mechanism that limits the effectiveness of server hops. If you know where to look, it’s a good way to make a hat, but people are not likely to be surprised by it now. When I log in, I check in a few places and usually make about 1000 grams a day.

Killing ghouls and super mutants will surprise you. There are bigger fish, such as giant SL and grafted monsters that will drop more hats. If you are going after a legend, you may be plundered, but the income will be moderate but stable.

I guess it’s an event? You can set an upper limit for an event… This may even be worth it if the event requires that the contents of the upper limit be killed. Some events have a high legend generation rate! It’s amazing to play in the Danish children’s compound… There are a lot of ghouls, usually legends, and the more players there are, the more Madden it becomes Plus some jam game time. Not to love all kinds of?

Best way to farm caps.

Sell weapons.
Complete main quests.
Trade with other players.
Look for Caps stashes while out exploring.
Level up your Hacking and lockpicking so you can break into safes and vault stashes.
Look for Luck perk cards that increase the number of Caps you’ll find when looting.
Nuke zone fluxes are 12 caps each with Bargaining 3, 10 caps each at Bargaining 2

Go into a Nuke Zone with the Green Thumb perk and you farm around 60 fluxes in 10 minutes. The best place is Whitesprings since there are flowers EVERYWHERE.

15–20 minutes worth of work and you have enough fluxes to max out 200 caps for all 5 faction vendors = easy 1000 caps per reset.

Hell, while you’re there kill the glowing ghouls for hardened/glowing mass and glowing blood, which sells for around 10 caps each too.

How do i farm caps?

Sell all the chemicals you find and don’t use, sell any unused materials in bulk (for me, usually glass and gears), not abandoned weapons, you know you already have all the mods that are famous for selling them.

In order to get the biggest hard price discount, it is necessary to have at least three Charms at all times. Every small amount will make a difference.

If you have a large amount of ammunition that is not in use, sell it to other players. Open a shop in your camp and sell ammunition at the price of each hat.

What I earn a lot is the caps that sell pure water. There are two industrial water purifiers in my camp. They produce more water than I need. I also cook and sell all the shiny meat I get because it has a high ceiling value. The glowing blood also sells well. Go to the prison east of Grafton and collect straight jackets — they cost 30 caps per set (if you Google, you may be able to drill through the exact location of each coat)

Another easy way to quickly get the upper limit is to equip green thumb to perk up (double what you get), and harvest every farm you find and sell. Grow a bunch of razor grains / potatoes / corn in your camp (you can also easily make adhesives with pure water), and then harvest them with green thumbs (I only equip it when I need it). Or go to Billings homestead and harvest everything (a ton of corn and razor grain) in the surrounding fields and nearby farms Flatbooks suppliers are within walking distance. Only one upper limit for each, but you can make hundreds at a time. I think they regenerate relatively quickly.

You can also apply to the Billings homestead workshop for free quick travel points and then have a cap every time you defend it.