Fallout 76 caps quests

Quests in Fallout 76 won’t make you a Cap millionaire, but they are a decent way to get a steady stream of Caps, especially early on. Here’s a breakdown of Caps from quests:

Main Quests & Faction Quests:

Solid Rewards: Both the main storyline and faction quests offer decent Cap rewards upon completion. You can expect anywhere from a few hundred to a thousand Caps for completing some of these quests.

Long-term Focus: While these quests provide good Cap rewards, they aren’t designed for quick Cap farming. Focus on progressing the story and factions for the overall benefits, and Caps will come as a bonus.

Daily Quests:

Steady Income: Daily quests are a reliable source of Caps. Each day, you can complete four public quests and two repeatable quests from specific characters. These quests typically reward 25-75 Caps each.

Efficient Farming: Public quests are often quick and can be completed with a team, making them a good way to farm Caps daily.

Side Quests:

Variable Rewards: Side quests offer varying Cap rewards, ranging from a few Caps to a couple hundred.

Exploration & Rewards: These quests are a great way to explore the wasteland and stumble upon interesting stories while earning some Caps along the way.

Here are some additional Tips for earning Caps with Quests:

Look for Bonus Objectives: Some quests have bonus objectives that offer additional Caps upon completion.

Join a Public Team: Completing public quests with a team grants bonus Caps to each member.

Sell Quest Rewards: Some quest rewards, like unwanted weapons or armor, can be sold to vendors for additional Caps.

Remember: Quests are just one way to earn Caps in Fallout 76. Consider other methods like selling unwanted items to player vendors, participating in events, or farming resources to sell.

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