Fallout 76 Caps Stash Locations 2020

Fallout 76 Caps Stash

A caps stash is a one-time use tin full of bottle caps. A blue tin full of bottlecaps. It is not an item that can be placed in the inventory, but rather like a bobby pin box in that it adds a random amount of bottlecaps. In Fallout 4, this number of bottlecaps is limited from 14–23. In Fallout 76, there is a chance that this number can go over 100 in rare caps stashes that play an animation when they are found. Companions in Fallout 4 can pick up the caps stash as an item, which the player character can take out of their inventory.

Although the contents of caps stashes in Fallout 76 are instanced, the stashes themselves are not guaranteed spawns and may not spawn in the world that the player character is in. Changing server will affect caps stash spawns.

Best place to buy Fallout 76 Caps

Fallout 76 50 Cap Stash Locations

The Cap Collector perk and Bobblehead: Caps increase the chances of finding more bottle caps when opening a cap stash in Fallout 76. The Fortune Finder perk also makes it easier to find caps stashes by providing an audio cue when one is approached.

Prior to patch, caps stashes were instanced server-wide and only obtainable by the first player to discover it, which tended to cause players to intentionally server-hop to collect large numbers of freshly respawned stashes. Since the patch, caps stashes have become containers instanced per-player, allowing multiple players to collect from the same caps stash, eliminating most of the benefit of server-hopping.

Fallout 76 Caps Stash Locations

Abandoned mine shaft 4: Upstairs in the taller shed, on a shelf between an armor workbench and a safe (Picklock 3).

Abbie’s bunker: In the kitchen area, underneath a small cart.

Ammo dump: Near the raider corpse sitting at a picnic table (may be below the table).

Appalachian Antiques: On the second floor in the nightstand on the right side of the bed.

Beckley mine exhibit: In the middle of the playground.

Berkeley Springs: On the roof of the Delicatessen store, behind a metal shelf with a duffel bag underneath.

Big Al’s Tattoo Parlor: On the building’s roof, next to an imported Chinese panda.

Big B’s Rest Stop: Behind the counter in the Super-Duper Mart.

Blackwater mine:

  1. Outside, near a barrel, on the ground, near a pair of dumpsters, in front of the mine entrance shack.
  2. Outside, near a barrel with a work light, on the ground, near a pair of dumpsters close to the middle of the site.

Braxson’s Quality Medical Supplies: On the second floor, at a window still near the top of the stairs.

Burdette Manor: On some wooden crates in the attic.

The Burrows: Behind a gut shroom at the Burrows South, underneath a bridge to the left of Doctor Ken’s chem den, close to a waterfall from a service tunnel.

Camden Park: In a rollercoaster carriage near the boarding point for the Widow Maker (third carriage up).

Charleston: Inside the building adjacent to the Charleston Herald building where The doctors note is found, hidden inside a broken terminal.

Charleston Capitol Building: On the first floor, near the Registrar’s terminal on the desk, inside the top left alcove.

Charleston Fire Department: Southeast of the fire department building, inside a home on the second floor, on top of a bunk bed.


  1. On the roof of the hardware store, near a stuffed grizzly with a teacup.
  2. On the roof of the repair store, inside the room with a trunk, on top of the ventilation piping.

Crashed space station: At the raider shack to the south in the hills, on top of the roof. The marsupial mutation or a power armor jet pack is required to reach the highest roof.

Deathclaw island: Inside the middle of the deathclaw nest, near an eastern facing log.

Dyer Chemical: Inside the locker room building, on top of a bear trap with a trail of bottle caps leading towards it.

East Kanawha lookout: Sitting on a crate on the balcony on top of the tower.

Eastern Regional Penitentiary:

  1. Inside the reception area on the first floor, within a desk on the left.
  2. Inside the makeshift shack on the first floor in cell block A, on a table.
  3. Inside the office area near cell block A, in the corner office, sitting on a desk.
  4. At the north guard tower, next to a grounded filing cabinet on its side.

The Freak Show: By the giant roll of tickets next to the ticket taker skeleton.

The General’s Steakhouse:

  1. On a desk inside the ‘Employees Only’ area, beside the Generals note.
  2. In the locked (Picklock 3) storage room behind the front counter, beside the Gone scrounging holotape.

Grafton: Inside the building with the “Grey Tortoise” billboard, behind a locked door and underneath a desk.

Grafton station: Inside an open train car with a sleeping bag, on a rectangular wooden crate.

Hornwright Estate: On the shelf in the dining room where Penny Hornwright’s terminal is.

Hornwright summer villa: On the roof, near the stone stairs which lead to a boarded-up door.

Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant:

  1. Outside, in a trailer, within a broken terminal.
  2. Outside, on the roof, on a locker shelf above the large white ‘Nuka Cola’ sign.
  3. Outside, on the roof, behind a Picklock 1 door near the giant Nuka-Cola bottle of the site, on a desk.

Mama Dolce’s Food Processing: On top of a filing cabinet inside a shed with a fusion generator outside.

Middle Mountain Cabins: In the eastern cabin, inside the stove.

Monongah mine: On the ground, near a blue car parked next to houses at the outskirts of the mine


  1. In front of the street camp, inside a bus, underneath a seated skeleton on the left from entry.
  2. At the street camp, inside the large tent, on top of a desk.
  3. At Stash M-1, on top of the roof with the Nuka-Girl billboard, behind it at a makeshift shelter, beside two skeletons on a sleeping bag.
  4. On the northwestern roof with an ‘Apartments’ sign, clutched in the arm of a skeleton near a wooden crate.
  5. On the roof of the Slocum Joe’s building, on a wooden crate.
  6. Near Stash M-2, at the adjacent red book store building to the left, underneath a chair at the very top of the stairs, close to the roof.
  7. On the very top roof where the Roof climber’s poem can be found.
  8. Near Stash M-3, on top of a red house’s roof between windows directly east of the ‘Apartments’ sign.

Morgantown Airport terminal: Inside a set of lockers on the bottom row, accessed by the security gates to the second floor.

Morgantown High School: Directly north of the school, at an elevated house porch, on a round table overlooking the school building.

Morgantown trainyard: In the main loading building, on a table by the south entrance.

Overlook cabin: On a shelf in the upstairs room with a collapsed floor.

Palace of the Winding Path:

  1. On top of a set of lockers to the left of the laundry room stairs.
  2. To the left of three stacked blue barrels, inside the basement’s exit service tunnel.

Point Pleasant: At the Point Pleasant bus stop, underneath the arm of a skeleton.

Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06:

  1. Southwest of the building, near some tents by a red bridge. The stash is sitting on a barrel with two protest signs propped up near it.
  2. Outside, on a set of metal boxes near the workshop area.
  3. Outside, on a wind turbine machine, near a set of blue pipes in the lower middle area of the roof.
  4. Outside, in the western Cooling System area, on top of a safe at the top of the area.
  5. Outside, in the western Cooling System area, on a counter on one of the catwalks.
  6. Outside, in the eastern Cooling System area, near some radioactive barrels at the top of the area.
  7. Inside the Control Room, in a drawer of one of the consoles.
  8. Inside the basement, on top of a barrel among a large black control panel.
  9. Southwest of the building, inside a tent with a red sofa, to the right, underneath a small stool.
  10. Outside, on the roof facing the northeast, in a corner besides the workshop below.

Red Rocket filling station: On top of a cabinet in the shed. It is near a radio.

Riverside Manor:

  1. In the back corner of the garage.
  2. Beneath a bunk bed in one of the upstairs guest bedrooms.

Sam Blackwell’s bunker: Inside the kitchen area, on a small table’s lower shelf.

Sugarmaple: In an open safe in the fountain.

Sutton: Inside the blue house to the north, on the second floor, inside an empty part of a dresser in the hallway.

Tygart water treatment: Within the enclosed raider camp at the northeastern corner, on the ground, inside a small blue basket.

Tyler County fairgrounds: At the Nuka-Cola stand shaped like a bottle, behind the small podium.

Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center: On the second floor, inside a locked room, on a desk in front of the doorway.

Watoga Emergency Services: In a fridge on the top floor, near the emergency exit.

Watoga High School: Behind the headmaster’s desk, under his terminal.

Watoga Municipal Center: In the second floor room with a generic terminal, on a shelf.

Wendigo cave: At the bend where the mole rat spawns, right next to a large toolbox.

White Powder Winter Sports: On the second floor, underneath the front counter, near the far left cash register.

The Whitespring bunker: Inside the Resort Exit room, underneath a destroyed terminal behind the security gate.

The Whitespring golf club: At the southwestern gate on the south side of the golfing grounds, underneath a counter inside the security building.

The Whitespring Resort: Inside the Bellstand’s storage room, sitting on a lower locker shelf.

The Whitespring service entrance: On top of the service station’s roof, near a skeleton.

WV Lumber Co.: On a desk on the top floor of the main mill building.

Cap stash locations

Hi, I am looking for cap stashes I might have missed on my travels to maximize how much I am making in a day. I currently have a little route I use once a day that is about 22 stashes starting at blackwater mine and ending at Poseidon and looking to expand on that. if there are any cap stashes you know of please let me know. I know of many stashes around the map but I am looking for places that I might have missed. please let me know of any stashes you are currently aware of.

how are you hopping at Poseidon over and over again? they patched that out. you can only get the cap stashes once every 24 hours now. Do you know of a workaround I have not figured out?? I used to do the hopping when you could back at the start but when they patched that out I now have this run that I do that take about 15 min and nets about 1000 caps extra a day.

Known Caps Stashes

There are several Poseidon energy plants.

-In the protest camp across the road, a hat was hidden under a small table in one of the tents. If facing the power farm, there are two tents with mattresses and sofas all the way to the right. Hide in a tent near the river. There is an alarm clock on the table and a hot plate on the table outside the tent.

-There is also a tree near the bridge across the river in the protest camp. There are buckets around the trees. The cap is hidden in the barrel. Due to the explosion or being knocked down, the hiding object may be on the nearby ground

-Cross the PP parking lot across the road to the factory’s workstation, but don’t walk all the way down. Standing on the helipad, facing the power farm, you should see some metal crates stacked on the wall in front of you at about 10–11 o’clock. It’s actually a corner of the wall, and it spins away from the player. There is a hiding place on the metal box.

-Go to the workshop instead of turning right to the workbench, turn left to the cooling tower. Go directly to the tower in front of you, then go to the ramp on the left and go to the farm roof before entering the tower. (when you climb up, there will be a small office with a magazine library at the top of the filing cabinet.). Before you reach the highest level of the ramp, you can have a small part of the roof on the left side of the ramp. There is the highest level of large pipes entering this section. Behind the farthest pipe is a hiding place.

-Go to the next floor, something with a rectangular turbine or air conditioning unit directly in front of you (11 o’clock) and above (waist height)

-Now go to the cooling tower (or left if you jump off the roof), then go up the ramp at the top of the first ramp, left, and there is a table in front with a locker on it.

-On top of the safe in the control room on top of the cooling tower room

If the power farm is restored to its original state due to the steam in the tower damaging the power farm, the latter two will not be used. I haven’t seen all of these artifacts immediately since I changed the way I store them, but before I did, I used to reliably get 5–6 per server hop.