Glitch Tips for Fallout 76 Caps 2020

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Fallout 76 Bottlecap Glitching 2020

Bottlecaps are a miscellaneous item in Fallout 76, which are widely used as currency throughout the post-War United States. Bottlecaps can come from certain drinks, such as Nuka-Cola, Nuka-Cherry, Nuka-Cola Quantum, Nuka-Cola Dark, Nuka-Cola Orange, Nuka-Cola Wild, Nuka-Grape, beer, and other malt beverages.

(1) Killing ghouls and super mutants

There are bigger fish like megasloths and grafton monsters that drop more caps. If you’re hunting legenadaries, you’ll probably be raking in modest, but steady caps from looting.

Super mutants tend to drop caps. If you can make it to Summerville, you can farm them (and sell their weapons).

(2) Craft high valuable items

The ‘best’ way to make caps is to delve into the player run economy. If you can get your hands on a high demand serum recipe, you can print caps essentially. There are other niches you can find though and there’s always the good ole farm legendaries at nuka-whitesprings (or wherever) and sell the best to people. Leveraging the player economy will net the most caps for the least effort if you can figure it out.

(3) Glitching Cap stash

A caps stash is a one-time use tin full of bottle caps. A blue tin full of bottlecaps. It is not an item that can be placed in the inventory, but rather like a bobby pin box in that it adds a random amount of bottlecaps. In Fallout 76, there is a chance that this number can go over 100 in rare caps stashes that play an animation when they are found.

Although the contents of caps stashes in Fallout 76 are instanced, the stashes themselves are not guaranteed spawns and may not spawn in the world that the player character is in. Changing server will affect caps stash spawns.

(4) Glitch and Sell Mothman Eggs

This is a simple way to farm more caps. Head on over to Mothman Museum Area and look around for Mothman’s eggs, and you’ll find them scattered around the area in black and red clumps. Collect as many eggs as you can, and load into a new server, and then collect more eggs. Once you can’t carry any more eggs, sell them to vendors for a nice cap injection.

(5) Complete Main Quests

As in most Fallout games, the most common (and, often times, the easiest) way to earn bottle caps is by doing quests, which is something you were likely going to do, anyway. Most quests will earn you a decent amount of bottle caps alongside a bit of XP.

As such, try and do every single quest you come across. We know some aren’t particularly fond of side quests, but passing them up is like flushing $100 down the toilet. And you’d never flush $100 down the toilet. Right?

(6) Buy Fallout 76 Caps without having to glitch

(7) Purified Water

Purified Water is basically free caps. I get 1 purified water every minute (seems to cap at 5, so make sure to check it every 5 minutes). That sells for 3 caps to the vendor and with an industrial purifier. It doesn’t take many to max out a vendor’s 200 cap limit.

Purified water is passive income.

(8) The Cap Collector perk

The Cap Collector perk and Bobblehead: Caps increase the chances of finding more bottle caps when opening a cap stash in Fallout 76. The Fortune Finder perk also makes it easier to find caps stashes by providing an audio cue when one is approached.

(9) Vendor factions

There are 7 vendor factions for 1400/day PER CHARACTER. That’s up to 7k caps a day if you can keep 5 characters fed with stuff to sell and making the rounds. Some craftable food, chems, and outfits sell very well. Outfit plans are hard to come by though. It’s probably not feasible or really worth it to overly invest in this route honestly unless you just enjoy it and hate dealing with people. I have an alt I sometimes sell stuff on just to make a bit more space, but I honestly don’t feel it’s worth the trouble usually.

These are 7 Vendor factions: Free State Faction Vendor(Harper’s Ferry), Brotherhood of Steel Faction Vendor(Watoga Shopping Plaza), Enclave Faction Vendor(Whitespring Bunker), Whitespring Faction Vendors(Whitespring Station, All vendors inside Whitespring Resort), Unique Vendors(Watoga Station, Grahm the traveling Super Mutant merchant)

(10) Fastest way to glitch caps for beginners

Get pharma finder, find more chems, keep the ones you need and sell the surplus. Also, a few passes through Morgantown airport can help as you can sell the stuff you find at the train station next door. As someone noted sell the stuff you don’t need unscrapped (ie sell the toaster, not the parts) and any weapons you find that you don’t care about mods for. Weapons that have been modded already sell for more than base weapons.

Easier is just selling the endless amount of chems you amass on your travels.

(11) Earning Exploit

Currently there is an exploit in the game that lets you farm lots of fast fallout 76 bottle caps. It has the potential to earn 2000+ Caps in an hour with little effort.

The output of the Caps generation will increase significantly with a higher level of Charisma. If you have a hard Bargain Card, you can potentially earn close to 3000+ caps in an hour using this method.

(12) Max out your daily cap limit to vendors

I tend to sell off things like glowing meat steaks, diluted stimpaks and radaways, and chems. I also try to sell off any food items that might be spoiling soon. If you slot even just 1 point in Pharma Farma, you’ll be getting enough extra stuff to sell

(13) Event Quest

You can farm caps for event quests as well. It might even be worthwhile if the event calls for killing stuff that drops caps. Some events have high spawn rates for legendaries! The event at the Sons of Dane compound is amazing: tons of ghouls, usually some legendaries, and the more players that show up.

(14) Set up a vendor station at your camp

If you price to sell, things will go. Some of the stuff you sell to the npc vendors may also be sold here.

(15) Rarm workshop

For new players there’s a decent way still. On the west side there is a farm workshop. It has over 100 razorgrain. While they only sell for 1 cap each it’s still an easy way to clear vendors. Especially with the perk to harvest double.

(16) Looting your enemies

Enemies in Fallout 76 may have bottle caps on their persons, and if you kill them, all those caps are yours! So unless you have a really good reason and you’re capable and able, take on that extra fight or two to increase your stash.

(17) Collect bounties

Fallout 76 has a bounty system. It’s a way to keep players from griefing others too much. Hostile actions will place a bounty on players’ heads, and killing them will net you a nice sum of bottle caps. If you’re feeling confident in your combat skills then you can track these bounties down to line your pockets.

The basic Bottle Cap knowledge for glitching

In New California, the relative scarcity of bottle caps made them a perfect currency for Hub merchants to adopt in the 22nd century, leading to the nickname “Hubbucks” and “Hubscript.” Backed by the value of water, the Hub merchants supported bottle caps because the technology to manufacture them and paint their surfaces had been mostly lost in the Great War, which limited any counterfeiting efforts. Secondly, there are a limited number of bottle caps, which preserve their value against inflation to some degree. For similar reasons the East Coast merchants also recognize bottle caps as a currency. Their earliest recorded use by survivors originates in Appalachia as of 2106. An advertising campaign Nuka-Cola was testing out allowed exchange of bottle caps with robotic vendors at the Whitespring Resort.

While becoming the standard currency for Hub merchants in the 22nd century, by the mid-23rd century bottle caps were replaced by New California Republic (NCR) dollars, which were backed by gold. Caps would once again become a regularly-used currency after the destruction of NCR’s gold reserves by the Brotherhood of Steel destabilized the value of the dollar.

By the late-23rd century, the presence of Caesar’s Legion (who have their own currency) and the low value of the NCR dollar caused bottle caps to re-emerge as the standard currency of the Mojave Wasteland in 2281. Nevertheless, NCR and Legion currency are both considered legal tender by the various caravan companies and on the New Vegas Strip. Mojave merchants also accept nonstandard variants, such as Sunset Sarsaparilla bottle caps.

However, based on the relative prices of items on the East Coast and West Coast, the bottle cap currency is used in larger amounts in the former.

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