Molten Core - Bosses

Molten Core - Bosses


There are 10 bosses lurking within Molten Core, a veritable Murderers' Row exceeded in difficulty only by the bunch within Blackwing Lair. There are many in-depth strategies used by various guilds to defeat each of these bosses, which I won't get into here; what follows below is a basic overview of the bosses and what to expect from each.

(Note: there's some flexibility to the order in which the bosses can be killed; the listing below is just one common path many guilds take.)


1) Lucifron
Like many of the major Molten Core bosses, Lucifron comes as a package deal with his own guards. In this case, Lucifron has two guards that are pulled away and killed first before the raid gives Luci a richly deserved pummeling. Two keys to the fight are a DoT that priests need to remove and AoE curse that doubles the cost of abilities, removable by mages and druids.

2) Magmadar
Just a few pulls past Lucifron, this lovable doggie is a mite bigger and tougher than The Beast in UBRS, has a regular AE fear attack, and poops blobs of fire for good measure. There's a tranq shot that can be looted off Lucifron that hunters can use to keep Mag in check; most of the DPS will attack Mag from the sides or behind, avoiding his fire blobs, while one tank keeps him busy.

3) Gehennas
Like Lucifron, Gehennas also has two guards that are pulled away and killed before the raid focuses its energy on the boss. However, Gehennas has a few AE attacks that makes it tougher for the raid to get in close and melee.

4) Garr
Not far from Gehennas, it's easy to get dizzy watching Garr and his eight rock elemental guards spinning around him in a bizarre syncronized dance. Generally, warlocks will banish a few of the guards while the rest are tanked and dropped one at a time before eventually getting to Garr, who carries all the tier 1 epic helms (Might, Felheart, Arcanist, etc) in his loot table.

5) Baron Geddon
Maybe the most entertaining boss fight in Molten Core, Baron Geddon is usually pulled back to Garr's area, where the raid splits up into two groups and mostly attacks from range while one warrior tanks in the center area. Occasionally, Geddon will target one person and turn them into "the bomb" -- which means they'll erupt in a nasty AE explosion in about 7 seconds. Whoever is the bomb needs to immediately hustle clear of the rest of the raid, or risk wiping out anyone nearby.

6) Shazzrah
Shazzrah is also often pulled to Garr's area, but this time the raid splits up into four groups and attacks from range while one warrior tanks in the center. Occasionally, Shazzrah will port to one of the four groups, causing brief chaos, but a good raid will drag the boss back to the center before Shazz can kill too many people.

7) Sulfuron Harbinger
Sulfuron is surrounded by four healers, who will continually regenerate health as long as they're in range of each other. Healers are usually pulled away from the group and killed one at a time until only Sulfuron remains.

8) Golemagg the Incinerator
This boss is so big, you'll likely be staring at his ass for most of this fight. Golemagg has two doggie guards that can't be killed; they're simply pulled away from the group and tanked while everyone else beats down on Golemagg, who goes supernova when he hits 10% health.

9) Majordomo Executus
The final boss before Ragnaros, Majordomo has eight huge guards -- four healers and four elites -- who have to be downed before he cries uncle. Simply keeping Domo busy is a challenge, as he occasionally ports someone into a central fire pit for huge damage. There are several different strategies used by guilds for this event; most involve polying the healers at the start and having one person call assist as all eight targets are dropped.

10) Ragnaros
Finally, it's time for the big flamer, and you'll need all the fire resistance gear you can muster if you want to survive this epic fight. Rag has a variety of nasty attacks that can easily send a raid into chaos, and the fight is complicated by the fact that, after three minutes, Ragnaros vanishes and sends eight elite Sons of Flame to tear up the raid for 90 seconds before reemerging himself. It's common for guilds to stock up on fire protection potions for the fight, as well as use the Onyxia buff to boost damage. It's all worth it, however, as Rag drops some of the best loot in all of WoW, and even provides you with a nice photo op when it's all said and done.