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Major Bosses


Throughout World of Warcraft, there are several uber-bosses that can be found outside of the instances like Molten Core and Blackwing Lair. Defeating each of these bosses presents its own special challenge; here are few you might want to track down.


The dragon Onyxia resides in her own instanced lair in the Wyrmbog, in southern Dustwallow Marsh. You can't just walk in and fight her, however -- there's an extensive chain of quests you'll need to complete just to get the key (the Drakefire Amulet) to enter.

The Onyxia fight, which can be done with up to 40 people, generally has three phases. To start, one warrior tanks Onyxia while the rest of the raid splits in half and attacks at her sides. Partway through, Onyxia takes flight and has a number of attacks that can wipe out a good chunk of the raid in a hurry, and waves of whelps can also attack from two small alcoves in the lair. Finally, Onyxia lands in a phase similiar to the first, except flames shoot up from the cracks in the ground, and Onyxia uses an AE fear attack which can scatter players in all directions. (The fight is actually far more complicated; consider this a basic overview.)

Once defeated, Onyxia will drop several epic items, and it's also possible for one person to loot Onyxia's Head and bring it to Stormwind, which can then be strung up for everyone to see. When the head is turned in, everyone in Stormwind receives a nice 2-hour buff (some guilds use it before attempting other major bosses), and the person who turns in the head completes a quest that gives a choice of several epic items: Dragonslayer's Signet, Onyxia Tooth Pendant, or Onyxia Blood Talisman.


Lord Kazzak
One of a small handful of outdoor world bosses, Lord Kazzak occasionally appears in the Tainted Scar in the southwest Blasted Lands.

Once defeated, he will not respawn for several days, so it's common for guilds to race to kill him once someone finds out he's around.

Kazzak's abilties are numerous and fearsome: he casts a magical debuff that must be removed ASAP or else he gets healed for 25k every time he damages someone with it; a drains mana and then explodes the player when all mana is gone; if anyone dies -- including pets or totems -- he heals for 70k health. And if you don't kill him in 3 minutes, he goes into "supreme mode" and wipes the raid. It's a pretty straightforward fight if everyone knows what to do, but since one death causes so much of a setback, it's not something you'd generally want to attempt with a pickup group.


Roaming the fields of southern Azshara is another outdoor world boss, the huge blue dragon Azuregos. Like Kazzak, he doesn't respawn for several days once killed, so it's common for guilds to race for him once he's been spotted.

Azuregos has his own special set of abilities that make this an interesting fight. He'll occasionally teleport everyone within 30 yards a short distance, and many raids will want to keep everyone within the 30-yard area. Anyone who dies during the fight receives a 15-minute debuff that allows Azuregos to freeze them, essentially taking them out of the fight for the duration. Elite giants will also spwan during the fight, just to keep things interesting.


The Four Dragons
The most recent world bosses introduced to Azeroth are the four dragons Lethon, Emeriss, Taerar and Ysondre. Each can appear in one of four spots: 1) Seradane in the northeast Hinterlands; 2) the Twilight Grove in the center of Duskwood; 3) Bough Shadow in northeast Ashenvale; 4) Dream Bough in northern Feralas. Each of these dragons has the ability to drop some epic loot, but they won't drop it without a major fight.