Speculation of Alliance Race in World of Warcraft

Speculation of Alliance Race in World of Warcraft

Several months have passed since Blizzard announced the arrival of their first expansion for World of Warcraft, along with that announcement was a new horde race called the Blood Elves and the promise of a new Alliance race to be announced.

Several months have passed, and no word yet on what that race would be.

There¡¯re many speculations on what the new Alliance race will be. Will it be a so called ¡°ugly¡± race since Horde got a ¡°pretty¡± race It seems that¡¯s the popular opinion of many WoW addicts, but Blizzard has said a few different times that that¡¯s not necessarily their intentions.

Many people are assuming that Blizzard will announce the new race sometime during E3 which is fast approaching taking place May 10-12. In honor of this possible upcoming event, I decided to get a list of what I think have been the most interesting rumors in the last several months. Some of these have possibilities, some of them have been completely debunked, and one of them is what I believe the race is most likely to be. So let¡¯s sit back and take a trip down rumor road, in hopefully here in the next couple weeks we will really know who was right and who was utterly wrong.


The Drenai, the lost ones as they are called, were probably the very first Alliance race rumor I heard when Blood Elves were announced. The Drenai fit in well with the upcoming expansion since they come originally from Draenor, which they have been disconnected from since the loss of the Dark Portal. The Lost Ones have been driven mad because of this departure, but there¡¯s still a few sane ones left who still remember where they came from and are quite civil. With the Dark Portal being found again will The Lost Ones return home and become a new race to the Alliance

Very real possibility that Blizzard could take this route, however, I feel since it was speculation from the beginning that Blizzard will instead look to surprise us, so I don¡¯t think this will be the new race.


On March 31, 2006 worldofwarcraft.com reported that the new Alliance race had been announced and that they would be wisps! Wisps would be the first race to have permanent death along with abilities such as detonate and a tree like form. You could even customize your Wisp to have facial hair and features instead of just being an ordinary glowy blob that we¡¯ve seen from Wisps so far.

However, this was announced on the day before April fool¡¯s Day and has since been debunked by Blizzard as just being a joke to fool us all. Wasn¡¯t a bad joke, but most (especially those familiar with Blizzard April Fool¡¯s Day jokes) weren¡¯t going to fall for it.

Dark Trolls

Not a whole lot is really known about the Dark Trolls in World of Warcraft, however in Warcraft 3 they had an important role. They were enlisted by the Night Elves in the Battle of Mount Hyjal, one of the battles that is being featured in the upcoming expansion.

Another reason this could be a possibility is there¡¯s currently a Dark Trolls village located in Darkshore that is inaccessible for the time being. Could this be opened up when the expansion hits With Horde getting Elves, is it possible that the Alliance will get Trolls It¡¯s a pretty good possibility actually, and I have a hard time not thinking this will be it. I still think it¡¯s another race but I won¡¯t be surprised one bit if Blizzard announces Dark Trolls to be the new Alliance race.

Kool-Aid Man

Nevermind, this was debunked by Eyonix. ¡°I will however confirm that the new Alliance race is not the Kool-Aid man. As 'kool' as he is, we felt his existence in Azeroth would be a bit disturbing and thus I felt this as good a time as any to put an end to this specific rumor. ;)"

Dang, and here I was hoping¡­


The Pandaren rumor I believe is just plain silly, but I¡¯ll name it here as being interesting for the simple fact that so many people actually believe it¡¯s a possibility. Do you honestly think Blizzard would release a race of Pandas to be the new Alliance race Can you imagine playing the Alliance side and having to see all the Pandas people will be playing It¡¯s bad enough with the Night Elves! It would make a normal person want to play Horde just to kill all the silly people playing Pandas.

Ok, now that my ranting is complete, the Pandaren rumor was started as a hoax. Ian McConville of Machall.com created a model of what the Pandaren would look like in World of Warcraft. He did such an awesome job on this model that it looked like it was an actual screenshot and people took it at face value and assumed this would be the new race. You can see Ian¡¯s models here:


And you can read about the hoax from his own mouth here: http://www.machall.com/ strip_id=369


Now we come to the race that I feel could be the most likely to be announced at E3, the Mok¡¯Nathal.

Mok¡¯Nathal, like the Drenai, also come from Draenor and are a of orc/ogre blood. This would give the alliance a large horde like race in response to the horde¡¯s small alliance like race.

The main reason I believe this could be a possibility is because of this post found on the World of Warcraft forums talking about what we¡¯d be reading at E3:

http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.aspx FN=wow-realm-perenolde&T=143988&P=1

The entire post reads:

¡°From Orc and Ogre blood did the mighty race of the MokNathal rise. The prospering warriors prided themselves over their attunement with nature and their daunting presence on the battlefield when faced with anyone unwise enough to test their wrath. Boasting both Orc cunning and Ogre might, the half breeds were considered noble warriors amongst both the Orc and Ogre clans. Their standing amongst both races soon cascaded with the coming of demonic magic and with it the might of the powerful demigods of the Ogre race. Recognized only as the Gronn, the power the seven of them wielded was unequaled throughout Draenor. The Gronn cared little for their own children, let alone other races they felt to be inferior. With their odium came their intolerance towards the Orcs, whose blood flew through the veins of the MokNathal.
The fact that the Ogres would dare bring impurities to their bloodline angered their demigods, who hunted down all MokNathal and tormented them relentlessly. Their own Ogre brethren were forced by the almighty Gronn to help purify the lineage and pursued the half breeds with there godly masters; forcing the MokNathal to turn to the Orcs for haven from their chase. Sadly, the demonic magic the Orcs gained hold of contorted their judgment and manner, making them apprehensive and mistrusting towards their cousins.

Their only hope to survive was to take flight from the smoldering world which only became an option when Medivh opened the Dark Portal, linking the Orcs blood lusted warriors to Azeroth. Lead by Tagar Bearclaw and Rexxar the Beast Master, the MokNathal traded one hell for another. Where they were no longer hounded by the Ogres demigods, they were now being killed on sight when ever crossing paths with the now senseless Orcs.

Tagar Bearclaw refused to recognize what now looked like fate and instead ordered what remained of his clan to fashion together makeshift rafts and journey across the Great Sea. Their extensive expedition landed them on the coasts of Kalimdor, and their battered clan, now safe from both the mindless Orcs and the immortal Gronn, was finally able to rebuild their once grand domain. Rexxar, who was renowned for his valor when faced with the Gronn and left to die after vicious torturing, left the clan to take up a nomadic life and live amongst what he believed to be his closest ally; nature.

The MokNathal, troubled with the fact that several of their brethren still wandered the burning world of Draenor, swore to liberate them from the Gronns relentless hunt and take retribution for their brothers deaths. Refusing to side with the ally they needed the most when first faced with their enemy gods took up arms with the Night Elves and their Allies, who willingly accepted them into their ranks when presented with the knowledge that the Blood Elves had sided with the vile Horde.

AlkholNathal would offer the half breeds with the shelter of a city rivaling the prominence of the one they left behind when fleeing from the world that damned them to the isolation of Azeroth. Situated North West of the Barrens, the lands of Lashindow connected the forests of Ashenvale to the Stonetalon Mountains and offered the Alliance a slight edge against the Hordes forces.¡±

Several are debunking this claim, and while I don¡¯t believe this is exactly what we¡¯ll be reading when E3 comes, I think it has the best possibility of what we¡¯ll see as the new Alliance race. At least it¡¯s what I¡¯m hoping will come to be for the Alliance race as it¡¯s the one rumor out of several that I¡¯d actually be willing to play as.

But once again, these are all rumors, and as we know, rumors are just that. We won¡¯t know for sure until Blizzard makes an official announcement and 6 million paying subscribers are looking for that week in May to see what Blizzard will be doing.

I know I¡¯ll be waiting with them.