Karazhan Strategy Guide,Complete Guide to Karazhan

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Karazhan Strategy Guide,Complete Guide to Karazhan

Table of Contents


Karazhan was Medivh's Tower, long ago before Medivh opened the portal he studied here, and from the looks of it, held a large amount of parties and guests at all times, entertaining them with operas, diners, and galleries. Now, it is a haven for demons and evil entities to haunt, and though some traces of Medivh's magic are still left, it's up to you to eliminate the evil entities within!

Welcome to Ten Ton Hammer's Karazhan Guide! We will take you through the appropiate strategies for every boss, their loot, and how to finish up the questlines you get for this 10-man instance, which is the first you must visit if you intend to go to larger PvE raids!

This guide will assume you are attuned to Karazhan before starting.