FFXIV Gil Making Guide: Buying and Reselling from Beast Tribe NPCs

Reselling items purchased from Beast Tribe NPCs can be a highly profitable venture in Final Fantasy XIV. Here’s how to effectively choose and resell items for maximum profit:

1. Understand Beast Tribe Currency and Items

  • Beast Tribe Quests: Completing these quests rewards you with special currency specific to each tribe, such as Beast Tribe tokens.
  • Unique Items: Beast Tribe vendors offer unique items, mounts, minions, crafting materials, and more that can’t be purchased elsewhere with regular Gil.

2. Research Market Trends

  • Market Board Check: Regularly check the Market Board to see which Beast Tribe items are in high demand and selling for a good price.
  • Price Fluctuations: Keep track of how prices fluctuate over time to understand the best times to buy and sell.

3. Choosing the Right Beast Tribe NPCs

  • High Demand Items: Focus on items that have a consistent demand. These often include crafting materials and exclusive items like minions or mounts.
  • Limited Availability: Items that can only be obtained through Beast Tribe currency tend to be more valuable, as they are not easily accessible to all players.

4. Profitable Items to Look For

  • Crafting Materials: High-level crafting materials are always in demand by crafters looking to make high-quality gear and items.
  • Minions and Mounts: These are often sought after for their exclusivity and aesthetic appeal.
  • Housing Items: Unique housing items can also fetch a high price due to their rarity.

5. Convert Special Currency into Gil

  • Efficient Use of Currency: Spend your Beast Tribe tokens or Tomestones on items that will yield the highest profit margin when resold.
  • Daily and Weekly Quests: Regularly complete Beast Tribe quests to accumulate more currency, increasing your buying power.

6. Smart Purchasing Strategy

  • Avoid Overbuying: Don’t flood the market with too many of the same item, as this can drive prices down.
  • Competitive Pricing: Price your items competitively, slightly undercutting the current lowest price to ensure quick sales.

7. Stay Updated with Market Trends

  • Patch Notes: Keep an eye on patch notes and updates, as new content can affect the demand for certain items.
  • Community Discussions: Participate in community forums and discussions to stay informed about popular items and upcoming trends.

8. Alternative Sources for Resellable Items

  • Tomestones: Purchase items with Tomestones of Poetics or other special currencies, as these can also be profitable when resold.
  • Seasonal Events: Items from seasonal events or limited-time content can also be resold for a high price after the event ends.

9. Time Your Sales

  • Peak Hours: List your items during peak playing hours when more players are online and likely to make purchases.
  • Special Events: Sell items when there is an increase in player activity, such as during major content releases or events.

10. Diversify Your Offerings

  • Variety of Items: Don’t rely on a single type of item for income. Diversify your offerings to mitigate risk and ensure steady sales.
  • Multiple Beast Tribes: Engage with multiple Beast Tribes to access a wider range of items and opportunities for profit.

By following these steps and carefully selecting which Beast Tribe items to buy and resell, you can effectively convert special currency into FFXIV Gil and maximize your profits in Final Fantasy XIV. Happy trading!

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