FFXIV Gil Sell Loot From Heaven On High Or Palace Of The Dead

In Final Fantasy XIV, selling loot obtained from Heaven-on-High (HoH) or Palace of the Dead (PotD) can be a lucrative way to earn Gil. Here’s a guide on how to effectively sell your loot from these deep dungeons:

1. Understand the Loot System

Both Heaven-on-High and Palace of the Dead have unique loot systems. As you progress through the floors, you’ll obtain various items that can be appraised and sold for Gil.

2. Focus on Rare and Valuable Items

  • Heaven-on-High: As you climb the floors, you’ll encounter treasure chests that can yield rare items. The higher the floor, the better the loot.
  • Palace of the Dead: Similar to HoH, PotD offers rare items, especially on the higher floors. Aim for the highest floors possible for the best loot.

3. Appraisal of Items

Once you finish a run, you need to appraise the items you’ve collected:

  • Visit the NPC in The Firmament (for HoH) or Quarrymill (for PotD) to appraise the unidentified items.
  • Appraise all items to see their true value and potential sale price.

4. Sell to NPCs or on the Market Board

  • NPC Sales: Some items may have a fixed value and can be sold directly to NPC vendors. This is straightforward but may not always yield the highest profit.
  • Market Board: Check the Market Board for current prices on the items you’ve appraised. Selling on the Market Board can often result in higher profits, especially for rare and in-demand items.

5. Understand Market Trends

  • Supply and Demand: Keep an eye on market trends. Items from deep dungeons can fluctuate in value depending on supply and demand.
  • Timing: Try to sell your items when they are in high demand. This could be after major patches or during events when more players are active.

6. Sell Materials and Consumables

  • Crafting Materials: Both HoH and PotD drop crafting materials that can be sold for good prices.
  • Consumables: Items like potions, food, and other consumables obtained from these dungeons are often in high demand.

7. Consider Desynthesis

  • Some items can be desynthesized for valuable materials, which can then be sold for a profit. Check the market value of desynthesized materials before proceeding.

8. Efficient Farming

  • Run HoH and PotD during peak times or with a dedicated group to maximize your efficiency and loot gains.

9. Utilize Multiple Characters

  • If you have multiple characters, you can run these dungeons on each character to maximize your loot potential.

10. Stay Informed

  • Join FFXIV communities and forums to stay updated on the best loot, market trends, and strategies for earning Gil.

By following these steps, you can effectively turn your loot from Heaven-on-High and Palace of the Dead into a steady stream of Gil in Final Fantasy XIV.

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