How Can I Fix The WoW UI When It Messes Up?

When i look at my items in the bag all i can see is a question mark and also when i equip them they don’t appear on my character and on my slot. What should i do in order to fix this?

That same thing has happened to me many times. The good part is that it is an extremely simple fix and it sometimes can be extremely easy to avoid as well.

This happens whenever the World of Warcraft user interface doesn’t load up properly when you login to your character. The only times I have ever seen this happen was because I tried to “Alt+Tab” out of the game to my web browser while the game was on the loading screen. It would load the game but on the UI I would just see question marks like you are explaining above. It always has a surprise effect on you whenever something like this happens…I remember thinking my character got corrupted or something and it was going to be deleted but luckily, that isn’t the case at all.

There really is 2 ways for you to fix this issue if you are having it. The first way is to log out and log back in to your character and it will be fixed for you since it will reload the user interface. The second faster way to fix this is to type “/reloadui” (without the quotes) in the chat window which will reload the WoW UI. Pretty simple, eh? Once you type that in it will bring you back to the loading screen and will reload the user interface. This is the best way to fix this issue whenever you have it as well as other user interface issues you may encounter in World of Warcraft.

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