Wrath Classic Fringe Science Benefits

Fringe Science Benefits

StartFringe Engineer Tezzla
Requires Level 77
World questNo
Experience22050 XP
(this quest may give money at max level)
Rewards7 40
PreviousGreen Technology

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Fringe Engineer Tezzla wants you to kill 40 Bombardment Infantry, 8 Bombardment Captains and 15 Gargoyle Ambushers.

  • Bombardment Infantry slain (40)
  • Bombardment Captain slain (8)
  • Gargoyle Ambusher slain (15)


I installed our infra-green technology into commandeered bombers; it'll protect you on your first mission into enemy territory! Speak with Rizzy Ratchwiggle to get a bomber, then fly into The Bombardment!

You'll have bombs and rockets and shields. Keep the shields charged and use bombs on the ground Scourge at The Bombardment. Come back after you hit your targets, and more work will await you.


You will receive: 7 40


Hah, you got them! How did you like the bomber? I hope you got the hang of it, because I have more missions for you...


  • 22050 XP

Quest progression

  1.  [80] Good For Something?
  2.  [80] Volatility
    •  [80 Daily] Volatility
  3.  [80] Green Technology
  4.  [80] Fringe Science Benefits
    •  [80 Daily] Riding the Wavelength: The Bombardment
  5.  [80] Amped for Revolt!
    •  [80 Daily] Total Ohmage: The Valley of Lost Hope!