How Do I Gain Reputation With The Battleground Factions?

How does one gain reputation with every battleground faction? I have fought in all many times, but the only one i ever really got reputation with was Alterac Valley.

I, myself am going for the new WoW PvP title of Conqueror for Horde players and for Alliance it is called Justicar. Fun things to go for since the new patch but can be very time consuming if you are not already exalted with each of the battlegrounds faction.

The good part about Alterac Valley is it really is the easiest one to receive reputation. That is why you have really seen a nice increase in reputation in this one. There are 2 main ways to receive reputation in AV. The first one is, of course, killing opposing players/NPCs. This is the easiest one but you only receive 1 rep point per kill which isn’t really a lot but it can add up quickly. The other way to receive AV rep is to destroy enemy bunkers. For each bunker that is destroyed you will receive 12 rep. Still isn’t a lot and in an average AV game I really have only seen about 200 reputation points total, so it really can take a lot of man hours in order to get the rep to exalted.

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Arathi Basin is the next battlegrounds stop for us. In order to gain reputation with this one all you have to do is to be leading in the resources race to 2000 and I believe you will receive 10 reputation points every 1 minute. The timing may be a bit different but that is what my testing showed and it also seems like you gain 10 rep whenever you win AB although that may have just been from the other way. Obviously I haven’t spent a lot of time in AB testing this. Regardless, to max out your reputation gain in Arathi Basin you really just need to be winning (5 caps are always fun  ).

Last but not least is Warsong Gulch. The reputation gain in this one is extremely simple. You just have to win a match in order to get rep points. Simple yet effective. Just make sure you win! (Easier said than done…I know…I know.)

Anyway, it really does take a long time in order to gain enough reputation to be exalted with all the World of Warcraft battleground factions. The good part about it though is you will see tons and tons of honor points and marks by the time you get there.  Just expect to spend some massive quantities of hours getting your Conqueror or Justicar title. If you are not even close to get it, it really makes you think if it’s worth it just for the title. You could be like me and be in it for the massive amounts of honor points and marks. 

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