WoW Maximillian of Northshire

Alliance NPCHorde NPCSpecQualityLevelArmor LevelWeapon Level
Maximillian of NorthshireMaximillian of NorthshireProtection PaladinCommon110850850
Maximillian of Northshire
Level 110 Protection Paladin
 Protection  - Counters: Boss
 Rebuke  - Counters: Spell
 To Me Squire!
Alliance Source
Class: Paladin

Quest: The Hunt Ends

Zone: Sanctum of Light
Horde Source
Class: Paladin

Quest: A New Dawn

Zone: Sanctum of Light

Abilities (5)

Name Type Category Counters Description
Ability Magic DebuffCast by a paladin to remove a harmful magic effect.
Divine Shield
Ability Massive StrikeCast by a paladin to prevent damage. Also used to escape in a cowardly manner (shameful).
Ability Powerful SpellCast by a paladin to interrupt a spell.
Ability Wild AggressionForces the target to attack the paladin.
Ability Deadly MinionsCast by a paladin to neutralize a dangerous enemy.

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