WoW Natalie Seline

Alliance NPCHorde NPCSpecQualityLevelArmor LevelWeapon Level
Natalie SelineNatalie SelineShadow PriestCommon110760760
Natalie Seline
Level 110 Shadow Priest
 Shadow  - Counters: Boss
 Leap of Faith  - Counters: Hazard
 Touch of Madness
Class: Priest



Abilities (5)

Name Type Category Counters Description
Dispel Magic
Ability Magic DebuffCast by a priest to remove a harmful magic effect.
Dominate Mind
Ability Deadly MinionsCast by a priest to neutralize a dangerous enemy. Wildly popular in AB and EotS.
Leap of Faith
Ability Danger ZonesCast by a priest to help the target escape harm's way (or just to mess with them).
Mind Sear
Ability Minion SwarmsCast by a priest to damage many enemies.
Power Infusion
Ability Timed BattleCast by a priest to greatly increase burst damage.

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