WoW Nazgrim

Alliance NPCHorde NPCSpecQualityLevelArmor LevelWeapon Level
NazgrimNazgrimUnholy Death KnightCommon100760760
Level 100 Unholy Death Knight
 Unholy  - Counters: Boss
 Icebound Fortitude  - Counters: Hazard
 March of the Damned
Class: Death Knight

Quest: Always a Knight of the Ebon Blade

Zone: Azsuna

Abilities (5)

Name Type Category Counters Description
Bone Shield
Ability Massive StrikeProtects the death knight with a shield of bone.
Dark Command
Ability Wild AggressionForces the target to attack the death knight.
Death and Decay
Ability Minion SwarmsCast by a death knight to damage many enemies.
Empower Rune Weapon
Ability Timed BattleSignificantly increases the death knight's burst damage.
Mind Freeze
Ability Powerful SpellFreezes the opponent's mind, interrupting a spell.

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