WoW The Great Akazamzarak

Alliance NPCHorde NPCSpecQualityLevelArmor LevelWeapon Level
The Great AkazamzarakThe Great AkazamzarakArcane MageUncommon110700700
The Great AkazamzarakThe Great AkazamzarakFrost MageCommon110850850
The Great Akazamzarak
Level 110 Arcane Mage
 Random Ability
Class: Mage

Quest: An Unexpected Champion

Zone: Dalaran

Abilities (5)

Name Type Category Counters Description
Ability Danger ZonesCast by a mage to quickly teleport out of harm's way. Hax.
Conjure Food
Ability Timed BattleYour body needs energy to perform to its fullest!
Ability Powerful SpellCast by a mage to interrupt a spell.
Ability Deadly MinionsCast by a mage to neutralize a dangerous enemy.
Time Warp
Ability Timed BattleCast by a mage to greatly increase burst damage.

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