Gem Cutting

Gem Cutting is a Passive spell that increases their Jewelcrafting skill so they can make ring and neck pieces, along with gems that can be socketed into gear to make it more powerful.

  • Class: All. Race: Draenei.
  • Jewelcrafting skill increased by 10.
  • School: Physical.
  • Cooldown: none.

The sole benefit to this ability is marginally early learning of patterns as you level. Creatures that are summoned by JC-produced trinkets do not scale with the skill of the user.

Gemcutting is a suggested learnable craft in the RPG.

Gem Cutting

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Gem Cutting Recipe

Once you reach level 300 in Jewelcrafting, you can begin to learn to cut gems for sockets. These cuts are not taught by a trainer, but must be bought from the Master Jewelcrafter of your faction in Hellfire Peninsula, or various faction vendors that require a certain level of reputation with them before you can purchase the designs.

Gemcutting Recipe Vendor Locations
Faction NPC Vendor Name Location
Alliance Tatiana Honor Hold Inn, Hellfire Peninsula, Outland
Horde Kalaen Thrallmar, Hellfire Peninsula, Outland

Most cuts are purchasable from a faction quartermasters in Outland, although one cut (315 blue) is a world drop. Most cuts at 350 skill are learned from world drops. See Gem Attributes below for more information about specific cuts.

List of cuts for Wrath:

  • Northrend gems by color
  • Northrend gems by quality

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