What Is Fastest Way To Get Exalted With Keepers of Time?

I am looking for the fastest way to get exalted reputation with the Keepers of Time. How would you go about doing that?

Since you didn’t state in your question your current level i’m going to assume you are neutral with the Keepers of Time in order to answer your question and also help out as many people as possible with this. As when grinding out any reputation you will always want to and sometimes have to do the entire quest lines available that give you reputation before starting to grind.

First you have to head over to the Caverns of Time in Tanaris in order to start gaining reputation with the Keepers of Time. From there you can accept the quest To The Master’s Lair from the Steward of Time which basically just flies you into the caverns.

Turn in the quest to Andormu (the NPC right in front of you once you land) and next accept The Caverns of Time quest. All you have to do with this quest is just follow around a NPC and listen to it talk (takes about 8 minutes). Turn that quest in to Andormu and next accept Old Hillsbrad which will require you to go to Old Hillsbrad and turn it in to Erozion at the entrance and next accept Taretha’s Diversion.

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This is the first quest you will need a group for unless you are a Rogue and can stealth by the mobs. Before accepting Escape from Durnholde make sure that everyone in your group has turned in Taretha’s Diversion or they will have to do it again.

After helping out Thrall Escape from Durnholde you will then get the quest Return to Andormu, which the name really says it all….visit Andormu at the Caverns of Time. 

That will give you the quest called Black Morass which you turn in to Sa’at which basically opens up the Black Morass encounter and gives you the quest called The Opening of the Dark Portal.

It is also good to have a group that has done this several times to help you with it as you will more than likely wipe with a group that hasn’t done this before. It is really helpful if your guild has BM on farm status. 

After all the reputation you gain from doing the quest line you should be around Revered with Keepers of Time. You also gain some reputation from killing mobs in the instance as well. Anyway, once you are at this point all you have to do is basically start farming the Black Morass encounter and you will be exalted before you know it and you will also find some pretty nice items as well.

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