Wrath Classic Get to Ymirheim! (Horde)

Get to Ymirheim! (Horde)

StartChief Engineer Copperclaw
EndBlast Thunderbomb
Requires Level 80
World questNo
Experience2200 XP
(this quest may give money at max level)
Reputation+10 Warsong Offensive
NextKing of the Mountain

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Speak with Blast Thunderbomb in Ymirheim.


You need to get down to Ymirheim, that big frost vrykul town in the middle of Icecrown.

Our boy, Blast Thunderbomb, is down there on the west side of town representing the Warsong Offensive in a competition against the Alliance. It's his jumpbot versus theirs in a king of the mountain contest!

Don't let us down, <name>. Goblin engineering pride is on the line! Besides, all the boys here in the hold are counting on you.

That and we've got money riding on it that you can kick those cowards in the pants!


Oh man, am I glad to see you! Did the chief send you down from the Hammer?


Blast Thunderbomb is found at

[51.9, 57.6]


Quest progression

  1.  [80] Get to Ymirheim!
  2.  [80Da] King of the Mountain