How Hard Is It To Get World of Warcraft Arena Gear?

How does the World of Warcraft arena work, do you have to win a lot or just one win or a couple a day will be enough for you to get the WoW arena epic gear?

In order to get the WoW arena epic gear it really isn’t hard at all. The only “catch” to it is the amount of time it will take in order to get enough points in order to get the gear.

The arena rewards works pretty much like the PvP rewards, you have to spend arena points to purchase the items. The reason why it takes so long in order to get enough points is because you are only awarded points on Tuesdays not every day like the honor points.

If you want to get your arena rewards faster then, of course, it will be more difficult because you will have to win a lot but in theory you could keep losing and as long as you participated in 10 matches a week you will get points. So, it is really possible to lose your way to gear it will only take longer.

So just make sure you play at least 10 matches a week and try to get your team rating as high as you possibly can. There basically is a couple formulas you need to remember when it comes to the arena. They are simple and will basically explain things easier.

Win Matches = Higher team rating = More points = Epic Arena Gear Faster

Lose Matches = Lower team rating = Less points = Epic Arena Gear Slower

That’s all there is to it, so how hard is it to get World of Warcraft arena rewards and gear? It basically is just as hard as you want it to be. The easier it will be the longer it will take…that’s it! Just jump in, do it (as it will only take like an hour a week to do 10 matches), and most importantly….have fun doing it.

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