Will I Get WoW Arena Points For Every Team I’m On?

If I enter in 10 matches in the arena for the 2v2, the 3v3 and the 5v5, will I score separate points for each? i.e 2v2 300 points + 3v3 300 points + 5v5 300 points = 900 points for a week or would I get some random rubbish calculation that blizzard has set up to avoid this?

Great question as this has probably been the number 1 question about World of Warcraft arenas lately. From what I have noticed in my experience they do not add up together. 

Like you I wish they really did because I would probably have the entire Gladiator’s set by now. The good part about it is Blizzard doesn’t use a random rubbish calculation to figure out how many points you get either.

If you check out the previous post I have done on the World of Warcraft Arena, you will see the formula that Blizzard uses to calculate points.

From what I have observed about having multiple teams is that Blizzard will only give you arena points for the team that will give you the most points for the week. In your example above this means that instead of getting 900 points for the week you would only get 300 points for the week.

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Let’s say that your 5v5 team has a rating of 1698 for the week and you have a 2v2 team with a 1856 rating. At the end of the week Blizzard would calculate (using their formula) which team would give you the most points.

5v5 team rating of 1698 = 614 points
2v2 team rating of 1856 = 579 points

Blizzard will then award you 614 points for the week based on your 5v5 team and you would not get any points for your 2v2 team rating. So you really want to make sure that you are on a 5v5 team to get the maximum number of points you can from the arena.

Since that’s how Blizzard will award points for the week…why should I be on any team besides a 5v5 team?

The reason you want to have multiple teams is what happens if your 5v5 team doesn’t play the 10 games for the week? Well, if you are not on any other teams then you will get zero points for the week. We all know that won’t help us get our arena gear! But if you happen to be on a 2v2 or 3v3 team that did play the weekly requirements then you will still get points. You won’t get as many as you would if your 5v5 team did hit the weekly requirement but some points is always better than zero points.

That actually happened to me last week. My 5v5 team didn’t play any matches at all (couldn’t get everyone together for some reason…) so I got points for my 3v3 team since I hit the weekly requirement for the 3v3.

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