Gold is the exchange currency of WoW Classic

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World of warcraft gold coins are a small amount of money awarded for completing tasks and tasks, defeating enemies, and selling unwanted items to sellers. It’s used in the game to buy armor repair, make reagents, and use flight routes to transport players to various places. It is also the world of Warcraft auction house’s exchange currency.

You can train some professions to make money. You can become a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to select useful plants; an alchemist to make potions; a miner to mine ore; a blacksmith to make armor; a jeweler to cut gemstones that can be embedded in certain items to enhance them; or an enchant to enchant items with additional attributes or effects.

You’ll need a lot of what these majors produce to optimize your personality, but only two majors can do it. Unless you’re looking for another role to collect all the credit recipes from other professions, you may need to buy something you can’t buy at an auction house. Also, if you need something at a price that exceeds your requirements and followers bring in something, you may want to sell some of your trade goods or raw materials to fund the purchase.

Some players like to auction gold on the market by buying goods at a low price and making them into more valuable goods, or just reselling them at a higher price. You can also use large amounts of gold to buy special luxury items, such as very expensive seller mounts with portable auction houses and repair shops. Sometimes, you will find special mounts unique to the Warcraft collection trade solitaire game that was discontinued in 2013, although many of the most desirable mounts, such as Spectral Tiger and giant rooster, are rarely sold on most servers, so the maximum price is 10 million gold coins.

If you have a lot of gold, you can use it to pay other players for less exciting activities in the game, such as fishing, grazing and mining. Some high-end guilds like to accumulate large amounts of gold so that they can provide expendable handicrafts to Raiders, such as enhanced alchemist flasks and polished players’ edible delicacies, as well as enchantments and gems.

How to Get Gold in WoW Classic?