WoW Bubble Poppy

Bubble Poppy
60 Herb
Bubble Poppy
Crafting Reagent
Item Level 60
"Gathered by players with the Herbalism skill. Can be bought and sold on the auction house."
Sell Price: 36 56

Fits In (14)

Name Slots Level Source Type
Burnished Inscription Bag
3635Crafted Inscription Bag
Royal Scribe's Satchel
3633Crafted Inscription Bag
Hyjal Expedition Bag
3632Crafted Herb Bag
Emerald Bag
3232Crafted Herb Bag
Pack of Endless Pockets
3231Crafted Inscription Bag
Crafty's Bottomless Inscription Bag
3233Unobtainable Inscription Bag
Weathered Scrollcase
3037 Inscription Bag
Mycah's Botanical Bag
2831Crafted Herb Bag
Satchel of Cenarius
2430Crafted Herb Bag
"Carriage - Xandera" Student's Satchel
2020 Inscription Bag
"Carriage - Going Green" Herb Tote Bag
2020 Herb Bag
Cenarion Herb Bag
2028Crafted Herb Bag
Scribe's Satchel
168Vendor Inscription Bag
Herb Pouch
1212Vendor Herb Bag

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