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The green dragonflight (or the Emerald Dragonflight) consists of dragons with green scales. During the ordering of Azeroth, the titan Eonar charged Ysera and her flight with the protection of the natural world and the Emerald Dream, a pristine realm of nature and magic. Thus, green dragons have an affinity for animals and nature. Like the red dragonflight, green dragons are generally more approachable than those of other flights, primarily coming into conflict only with those who attempt to corrupt or destroy nature. They occasionally sought the help of druids to aid in this task.

Recently, the satyr Xavius used his dark magic to spread the corruption of the Emerald Nightmare throughout the Dream. This caused many green dragons, including Ysera’s lieutenants and consort, to become rampaging agents of destruction known as Nightmare Dragons. The corruption was stemmed after the end of the war Against the Nightmare.

Xavius would eventually return and, empowered by the Old Gods, began corrupting the Emerald Dream once again. Many emerald dragons succumbed to N’Zoth’s influence. Eventually, even Ysera herself was corrupted and needed to be slain, leaving the green dragonflight leaderless for a time. During the Fourth War, when the [Heart of Azeroth] needed the coalesced essences of the dragonflights to save the planet from N’Zoth, Merithra of the Dream stepped forward to lead the flight, and to defend Azeroth in her mother’s place.

Their breath weapons can consist of a variety of nature-based attacks, including corrosive acid, noxious gas, and emerald-colored fire.

Green dragonflight
Domain Nature, Dreams
Breath Poison, Acid
Major leader(s) Merithra
Formerly Ysera
Secondary leaders Itharius
Formerly Eranikus †
Racial capital Eye of Ysera, Emerald Dream
Area(s) Ashenvale

  • Bough Shadow


  • Emerald Dragonshrine
  • Wyrmrest Temple

Bloodmyst Isle

  • Wyrmscar Island


  • Jademir Lake
    • Dream Bough

The Hinterlands

  • Seradane

Mount Hyjal

  • Gates of Sothann

Swamp of Sorrows

  • Sunken Temple
Homeworld Azeroth
Language(s) Draconic
Affiliation Wyrmrest Accord, Titans, Independent
Status Active

Green Dragonflight

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By the time the Dragon Isles were re-revealed to Azeroth, the green dragonflight was in an unstable state. While Merithra was the flight’s de facto leader after Ysera’s death, she was not a proper aspect, and not all of the flight agreed that Merithra should lead them.

Member types

The green dragonflight includes the green dragons themselves as well as all other green dragonkin such as dragonspawn and drakonids.

  • Green dragon (mature)
    • Green wyrm
  • Green drake
  • Green whelp
  • Green dragonspawn
  • Green drakonid


The enchanted, ethereal green dragons live only to serve the forces of nature and uphold the balance between mortal creatures and the ever-evolving world. The green dragonflight, ruled by the dreaming goddess, Ysera, holds a special love for the night elves and their druids. Though most green dragons live within the mystical dimension known as the Emerald Dream, a few of the graceful creatures still roam the shadowy paths of Ashenvale forest.

Green dragons are creatures of the Emerald Dream, the ethereal dreamworld that all life is tied to. From there the green flight watches over nature, often assisted by the night elven druids. The dragons and druids work closely together within the dream where they can control the ebb and flow of nature and influence the evolutionary path it takes. Greens are, like the other flights, highly intelligent and always striving to learn more about the world they were entrusted to protect, fretting out the mysteries of creation and life – but keeping all such secrets hidden within the Emerald Dream. As a result, the greens are often the least interested about happenings in the mortal realm and must often have any major events brought to their attention by the dragons of other flights.[citation needed] Ysera and her dragonflight consider the real world to be just an illusion.

Dragons of the green flight are highly reclusive, and the most difficult to find on the mortal realm. The green dragonflight is a peaceful, meditative society and most greens spend their time in quiet contemplation and the study of dreams, interacting with creatures of myth and illusion. A surprisingly swift flight, they often move quickly, teleporting through the dream to wherever their thoughts lead. Time is meaningless inside the Dream and as a result, the green dragonflight is extremely long-lived. Ysera’s consorts in particular almost never emerge and are effectively immortal.

Green dragonkin are sometimes referred to as Emerald, Jade or Veridian. When taking humanoid form, most green dragons prefer to transform into kaldorei, given their relationship with Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage, though human and quel’dorei guises are also common.

Green dragons cry a lot right before they die, and their teardrops crystallize into green gemstones.


Members of the green dragonflight occasionally have names ending in “us” for males, or “ra” for females. Sometimes terms relating to sleep and dreams find their way into their names as well.

Notable members

Name Type Role Status Location
Ysera Aspect Aspect of the green dragonflight, Aspect of Dreams, ruler of the Emerald Dream Deceased Various
Eranikus Dragon Consort of Ysera, corrupted by the Emerald Nightmare but later redeemed, killed during the War Against the Nightmare Deceased Emerald Dream
Merithra Dragon Daughter of Ysera, commander in the War of the Shifting Sands Alive Various
Lord Itharius Dragon Ambassador of the green flight at Wyrmrest Temple, purifier of the Temple of Atal’Hakkar Alive Various Locations
Ysondre Dragon Corrupted by the Emerald Nightmare but was later redeemed and helped kill Taerar Alive Feralas
Alysra Dragon Guardian of Fandral Staghelm’s prison, covert servant of Ragnaros, later transformed into a fire hawk Deceased-Killable Ruins of Lar’donir, Mount Hyjal
Aronus Drake Transports adventurers to Mount Hyjal Unknown Nighthaven, Moonglade; Gates of Sothann, Mount Hyjal
Desharin Dragon Escorted Thrall to the Caverns of Time but was killed by an assassin of the infinite dragonflight Deceased Unknown
Emeriss Dragon Lieutenant of Ysera, corrupted by the Emerald Nightmare, disintegrated when Tyrande attempted to heal her Deceased Unknown
Lethon Dragon Lieutenant of Ysera, corrupted by the Emerald Nightmare, killed by the energies of the Nightmare Deceased Unknown
Nishera the Garden Keeper Dragon Guardian of the Emerald Dragonshrine Alive Emerald Dragonshrine, Dragonblight
Taerar Dragon Lieutenant of Ysera corrupted by the Emerald Nightmare Killable Feralas
Thessera Dragon Captive of the Twilight’s Hammer cult in Darkshore Deceased Earthshatter Cavern, Darkshore
Vadekius Dragon Killed in battle centuries ago in Drustvar, Kul Tiras Deceased Vadekius’s Rest, Drustvar
Valithria Dreamwalker Dragon Captive of the Scourge in Icecrown Citadel Alive Frostwing Halls, Icecrown Citadel
Verdisa Dragon Captive of the blue dragonflight in the Oculus Alive Band of Variance, Oculus
Vethsera Dragon Member of Ysera’s brood who helped liberate Merithra from Ahn’Qiraj Alive Temple of Ahn’Qiraj
Linisera Dragon Green dragon present during the Void invasion of the Emerald Dream Alive Emerald Dream
Kaithius Dragon Green dragon present during the Void invasion of the Emerald Dream Alive Emerald Dream
Tryanikus Dragon Green dragon present during the Void invasion of the Emerald Dream Alive Emerald Dream
Karkarius Dragon Green dragon present during the Void invasion of the Emerald Dream Deceased Emerald Dream

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