How Do I Grind Reputation With The Mag’ har?

After checking out the couple of quests available with the Mag’har I am currently Neutral with them right now. I really enjoyed the couple of quests involved in the quest line and think it’s really cool that Thrall got involved with them. Anyway, I really want to know how I can reach exalted reputation with the Mag’har.

As a Horde WoW player myself I found myself really enjoying the Mag’har quest line also. For some of you that don’t know how to get access to that quest line it all starts with the quest called “The Assassin” (Nazgrel in Thrallmar gives you this quest) which starts a long quest line. The Mag’har quests are the last couple of quests in the line.

I believe Horde starts out being Unfriendly to them and the quest line brings you to Neutral and that’s where you are at. From that point there isn’t much that can be done to increase the reputation with them in Hellfire Peninsula.

Nagrand should be your next stop. There are repeatable quests here to turn in for Mag’har reputation. Also, just by killing Ogres in Nagrand you will also receive, I believe, 10 rep per kill and that will work all the way to exalted.

To make the deal even sweeter…the Ogres also drop Obsidian Warbeads as well which are the quest items to turn in for the repeatable quests. One other thing you may want to note is you can also turn in the Obsidian Warbeads for Consortium reputation as well as Mag’har.

You can get the quests from Warden Bullrock in Garadar (55,37 coords). The first one is called “Proving Your Strength” and the one after that is called “More Warbeads!”.

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Ok, now you maybe wondering where the best places to grind Ogres are in Nagrand. There are several little camps in Nagrand and i’m only going to outline the ones that I feel have the best drop rates.

First one is just nortwest of Kil’sorrow Fortress (61,71 coords) at the Boulderfist Ogre camp. These are pretty easy to kill and the level range for them is 62 – 65 and the drop percentage of the warbeads is around 33.5% so pretty much a bead for every 3 kills. Some people have seen better and some have seen worse.

Another great place is Warmaul Ogre camp which is northwest of Garadar (46,23 coords). The level range here is roughly 63 – 66 and the drop rate is right at 33% for beads.

These are the two main places you can grind for Warbeads. A lot of people usually try to farm these areas so I would probably want to avoid them during peak hours on your server. Also, the Alliance does have a quest line which involves Obsidian Warbeads also so keep an eye out for Alliance while grinding at these places as well.

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