Feral Aggression


Feral Aggression (5/5 Increases the Attack Power reduction of your Demoralizing Roar by 8/16/24/32/40% and the damage caused by your Ferocious Bite by 3/6/9/12/15%)

Change to 3 point talent with 20/40/60% improved Demo Roar, and 7/14/20% Fero Bite damage.

This needs to be a move attractive talent, it effectively helps demo roar very marginally, and imp demo shout is superior and it helps Fero Bite, ie. Something that is already useless and druids avoid as much as possible.

Even with the above change I imagine most ferals would skip it, but if Fero Bite got a change also, then hey, it might actually get looked at.

Another option with this talent is to make it atractive to balance/resto. Both balance and resto have tier 1 talents that are wanted by other specs (Furor, Natures Grasp). Feral lacks this but many resto/moonkin want to get feral charge, but they waste 5 talent points in Tier 1.

Cowformdrood had a interesting idea, but it would have been a bit OP. Here is my sugestion based on his.

-0.1/0.2/0.3/0.4/0.5 seconds off the cast time of the next Entangling Roots and Cyclone cast after shifting out of Bear/Dire Bear/Cat form. Lasts 6 seconds

Predatory Strikes (3/3 Increases your melee attack power in Cat, Bear, Dire Bear and Moonkin Forms by 50/100/150% of your level)

Decreases your targets chance to Dodge, Block and Parry your attacks by 1/2/3%

In its current form this gives 105AP. A drop in the pool, again feral druids face scaling issues.

The logical change is to make it 4/7/10% bonus attack power. But then it becomes pretty much a mini HotW, which is well¡­ boring. Pred Strikes needs to be mate a) Useful b) Unique.

So my idea comes in the form of a total overhaul for the talent (and thanks to Pasty for some futher ideas on this)

This addresses the lack of Expertise on any leather tanking gear and helps feral druids in all aspects, most notably tanking though. Reducing incoming damage by reducing hasted strikes from parries and improves threat generation from more hits landing. Would also assist in PvP and PvE DPS to a lesser extent.

Savage Fury (2/2 Increases the damage cause by your Claw, Rake and Mangle (Cat) abilities by 10/20%)

Put Maul AND/OR Mangle (Bear) back into this talent.

The issue of feral druid¡¯s bearform being OP has disappeared with progression. We scaled extremely well with early TBC gear (everyone getting phat +AP weapons and whatnot) but now have fallen back in line and this talent should be reverted to its pre 2.0 form.

Faerie Fire (Feral) (1/1 Decreases the armor of the target by 610 for 40 sec. While affected, the target cannot stealth or turn invisible)

Make it a Skill.

New 21 point talent "Improved Rake - Gives your Rake a 30% slow for the duration of the bleed"

When combined with a 5 second CD on rake this is what feral druids need to keep up in arenas and PvP. Would also help address the feral range issue.

Nurturing Instinct (2/2 Increases your healing spells by up to 25/50% of your strength)

Change to 15/30% of your AP.

Now I hear you saying ¡°But I have 3000AP in my PvP gear, 30% is +900 Healing, that is OP¡±. You have 3000AP in kitty form, shift out and see how much you got. I have 2851AP in PvP gear in kitty, in the same gear, 1086 in caster. Alternatively make it ¡°5/10% of your attack power in cat form¡±. But that just seems messy.

Other alternatives

30/60% of your AP as +healing for 6 seconds after shifting

60/120% of your AP as +healing for the next heal cast after shifting

Other General Issues

Feral Range Issue, this is not a bug, technically it is working as intended. It is a hitbox issue and where the cat hitbox is positioned relative to the model. One possible fix is to move the hitbox forward to the head of the cat (as opposed to it being in the middle currently). This would mean when you rotate in kitty form, the back of your body would spin around and your head would be in the centre. This though would most likely lead to a up cry from rogues and warriors pretty much saying what we have been for god knows how long as they would have the issue attacking us from behind as we do for every class.

General Scaling in endgame, specifically when it comes to tanking and the fear mechanic. Give us some polymorph/snare based encounters where the use of a druid tank is favoured rather then merely posible. This is less a skill/talent issue and more a gear/encounter issue.