Ferals big issue

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Ferals big issue at the moment as we all know is PvP viability. Our PvE scaling could use a little work but PvP, specifically all levels of arena play is the big issue.


Cower (Rank 5)
20 Energy
5 yd range
10 sec cooldown
Requires Cat Form
Cower, causing no damage but lowering your threat a large amount, making the enemy less likely to attack you.

Reduces 600% of its current amount and has a 1/2 minute CD. Costs 40 Energy. 30 yard range.

This is our only agro drop; we have no Evasion, CoS, Vanish, plethora of stuns and incapacitates. Please improve the effectiveness of this skill. Sure we have bearform, but that a lot of the time only prolongs the inevitable.

Previously i had a agro drop associated with barkskin. But on discussion in this thread it was realized that this would break some elemental of the class which are working fine and people rely on.

These changes would give a agro drop to trees/moonkin also, but at a decent expense without breaking something that is already working fine (Barkskin)

Maul (Rank 8)
15 Rage
Next melee
Requires Bear Form, Dire Bear Form
Increases the druid's next attack by 176 damage.

Ok, personally I cannot see the problem with Maul. A lot of druids argue that it does not scale, mine hits for slightly less then my Mangle. It is fine, stop ##%##ing. Just put this in here out of completeness.

Frenzied Regeneration (Rank 4)
3 min cooldown
Requires Bear Form, Dire Bear Form
Converts up to 10 rage per second into health for 10 sec. Each point of rage is converted into 25 health.

Give it 1 flat rank for all levels (Like Barkskin) and Change the skill to
Converts up to 10 rage per second into health for 10 sec. Each point of rage is converted into 0.4% of the druids total health. (40% HP with a full ragebar)

Maybe with this increase the CD to 5 minutes also, as it would be getting closer to a wars last stand. But this is a last stand that takes 10 seconds to reach is full effect and is only 10 seconds not 20. 5 min CD would fit.

FR is hit with the issue that feral druids have long faced, scaling. This needs to be a % based move, that simple. Say 15000HP in tank gear unbuffed, which is ~kara level easily. 2500HP in FR¡¯s current form is less then any respectable tree druids rejuv is going to do in its 12 seconds. It is 16.7% 15000, 1 hit from a decent heroic/kara mob. 40% would bring it up to 6000HP healed, this does help in those o*#**o*#**o*#** moments. It could keep you up for those extra 10 seconds when combined with a imp lotp procs, trinkets etc.

Rake (Rank 5)
40 Energy
5 yd range
Requires Cat Form
Rake the target for (AP/100+78) bleed damage and an additional (108+AP*0.06) damage over 9 sec. Awards 1 combo point.

Add a 30% snare as our 21 point talent (Improved Rake to replace FFF) and a 5 second cooldown so that the slow is not spamable.

Warriors get Spamstring/Piercing howl. Rogues get Crippling Poisen/Deadly Throw. Enh Shamans get Earthbind/Frostshock. Pals get JoJ and a speed increase.

Why does all other melee have tools to keep other players in range Sure druids have +30% speed in cat and a futher +15% from our 4pc. But with the amount of snares out there combined with the cat range issue it is still very difficult to keep on top of someone where a rogue/war/sham would have no troubles. The amount of times I have had mages at 2% HP to get spammed with ¡®out of range¡¯ when I¡¯m on top of them¡­. Yeh, I know I could just moonfire ¡®em, but I want to get off that 5cp, 100 energy, clearcasted, TFed Ferocious Bite, which brings me to¡­

And this would also address the druid range bug to some extent.

Ferocious Bite (Rank 6)
35 Energy
5 yd range
Requires Cat Form
Finishing move that causes damage per combo point and converts each extra point of energy into 4.1 additional damage. Damage is increased by your attack power.
1 point : 259-292 damage
2 points: 428-461 damage
3 points: 597-630 damage
4 points: 766-799 damage
5 points: 935-968 damage

Remove the energy to damage factor.

I don¡¯t know why this was added in the first place, was it to make it different from Eviscerate In its current form, a full energy bar gives it 65 energy to convert into damage, that is 266.5 damage. 65 energy is 1.625 mangles. When each of my mangles crit on cloth for 1400-1750 depending on resilience, there is only 1 true option here. Not to mention that our damage vs Bleed Immune mobs in PvE is surverly hurt to the extent that a lot of druids purely shred/mangle unless they got that 35-40 energy as it is not worth the extra consumption.

IF blizzard are set on keeping the current mechanic, then make it % based.

converts each extra point of energy into .04% of the druids Attack Power into additional damage.

I¡¯m currently sitting on ~3000AP in PvE gear. With 100 energy, 65 being converted into damage. This would give me a bonus 780 damage. In the more normal situation of having about 50 energy and the need to FB. It is a bonus 120 damage. This is about 3 times as much as the current system.

Hell, it should be even higher then this when my shred are critting for 2500 on a bad day.

TLDR: Remove the energy to damage factor.

If the energy to damage factor is bought up to something to resemble the damage that would have otherwise been done by mangle/shred it would become OP in PvP. Honestly, the only option is to get rid of the damage to energy. The other fix I have mentioned would help, but be far from fixing it.

Tiger's Fury (Rank 4)
30 Energy
1 sec cooldown
Requires Cat Form
Increases damage done by 40 for 6 sec.

Increases physical and bleed damage done by 25% for 10 seconds. 3 minute cooldown.
(Not sure on the %, Duration and Cooldown, the above are kinda random numbers, but something similar, like a mini deathwish, shorter duration, no fear immune as it is a Skill, not a 21 point talent)

Druids have no offensive CD based moves. IE. That little something to give you that big bang. Something which virtually every other class has. Tigers fury is useless in its current form, we didn¡¯t even get a new rank of it between 60 and 70.

Give us a reason to have this on our actionbar next