Blood Elf Leveling Guide - Level 1-10

I posted this guide on my WOW-Tips site but thought the visitors here might find it useful too.

Level 1-10 Eversong Woods This would be the starting zone for all Bloof Elves and its a real beauty. So where do you go from here Just follow these simple steps:

1] Start your adventure with your very first quest 'Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle' at the starting area.

2] Kill 8 Mana Wyrms and then turn it in.

3] Accept 'Unfortunate Measures' but don't do it yet and take your class specific quest which you're going to do right away.

4] Turn in your class quest and then take 'Well Watcher Solanian'

5] Turn in 'Well Watcher Solanian' and accept 'The Shrine of Dath'Remar' and 'Solanian's Belongings'

6] Then go take 2 more quests which is 'A Fistful of Slivers' and 'Thirst Unending'

7] Now it's time to do the following 4 quests: - 'Thirst Unending' - 'A Fistful of Slivers' - 'Unfortunate Measures' - 'Solanian's Belongings'

8] Turn them all in and take 'Report to Lanthan Perilon'

9] Go learn your new skills as you should be Lvl 4 at this juncture.

10] Complete and turn in 'Report to Lanthan Perilon' and then take 'Aggression'

11] Then do the following 2 quests: - 'Aggression' - 'The Shrine of Dath'Remar'

12] Turn in 'Aggression' and take 'Felendren the Banished'

13] Go ahead and do 'Felendren the Banished' but keep an eye out for an item called 'Tainted Arcane Sliver' which will start you on another quest.

14] Turn in 'Felendren the Banished' and take 'Aiding The Outrunners'

15] Turn in 'The Shrine of Dath'Remar' and 'Tainted Arcane Sliver' if you found the item.

16] Leave starting zone and make your way to Silvermoon City and turn in ''Aiding The Outrunners'

17] Then take 'Slain By The Wretched' and turn it in a few stroll away down the path.

18] Take 'Package Recovery' and turn it in at the location earlier further back where you obtain 'Slain By The Wretched'

19] Take 'Completing The Delivery' and head over to Falconwing Square.

20] Accept all the quests available here namely - 'Major Malfunction', 'Unstable Mana Crystals' and 'Wanted: Thaelis The Hungerer' (from Wanted Sign)

21] Turn in 'Completing The Delivery' at the Inn and set Falconwing Square as your home.

22] Head upstairs of the Inn to learn First Aid skill.

23] Then do the following 3 quests: - 'Major Malfunction' - 'Unstable Mana Crystals' - 'Wanted: Thaelis The Hungerer'

24] Upon completion, turn them all in and take 'Delivery To The North Sanctum' and 'Darnassian Intrusions'

25] Leave Silvermoon City and just a little south west of the city gate, take 'Roadside Ambush'

26] Head north-west from there and turn in 'Delivery To The North Sanctum' and 'Darnassian Intrusions' and take 'Malfunction At The West Sanctum'

27] Then head west towards the west side of Sanctum and turn in 'Malfunction At The West Sanctum' and take 'Arcane Instability'

28] Go ahead and do 'Arcane Instability' and 'Darnassian Intrusions'. Keep an eye out for the item 'Incriminating Documents' when killing Darnassian Scouts which will begin 'Incriminating Documents Quest'

29] Turn in 'Arcane Instability' and 'Darnassian Intrusions'

30] Head towards west and take 'Fish Heads, Fish Heads...'

31] Go ahead and do 'Fish Heads, Fish Heads...' and once again keep an eye out for a scroll like item 'Item: Captain Kelisendra's Lost Rudder' which will begin 'Captain Kelisendra's Lost Rudders'

32] Turn in 'Fish Heads, Fish Heads...' and take 'The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll'

33] Then head towards south-east and turn in 'Captain Kelisendra's Lost Rudders' and take 'Grimscale Pirates!' and 'Lost Armaments'

34] Afterwhich head south-east to Fairbreeze Village and take all the quests there namely - 'Pelt Collection', 'The Wayward Apprentice' and 'Situation at Sunsail Anchorage'

35] Now set Fairbreeze Village as your home.

36] After that head north and turn in 'Roadside Ambush' and take 'Soaked Pages'

37] Go do and turn in 'Soaked Pages' and then take 'Taking the Fall'

38] Head up north towards Falconwing Square to turn in 'Incriminating Documents Quest' and take 'The Dwarven Spy'

39] Go to the North Sanctum and do 'The Dwarven Spy' and turn it in at Falconwing Square upon completion.

40] Learn up new skills as you should be Lvl 8 at this juncture.

41] Head out towards east and take 'The Dead Scar'

42] Go ahead and do 'The Dead Scar' further south and turn it in upon completion

43] Travel east to Stillwhisper Pond to turn in 'Taking the Fall' and take 'Swift Discipline'

44] Then head south-east to Farstrider Retreat and accept all available quests there namely - 'Amani Encroachment', 'The Spearcrafter's Hammer' and 'The Magister's Apprentice'

45] Travel towards south-west and turn in 'The Wayward Apprentice' and take 'Corrupted Soil'

46] Go do and turn in 'Corrupted Soil' and then take 'Unexpected Results'

47] Go do and turn in 'Unexpected Results' and then take 'Research Notes'

48] At this stage you should be Lvl 9. If you are not, then grind a little more till you level up.

49] Hearth back to Fairbreeze Village to turn in 'Research Notes' and take the following quests - 'Saltheril's Haven', 'The Scorched Grove' and 'Ranger Sareyn'

50] Afterwhich head west to Saltheril's Haven (Kill any Cats you see along the way for 'Pelt Collection') and turn in 'Saltheril's Haven' and take 'The Party Never Ends'

51] Then head west towards the shore and do 'The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll' together with 'Grimscale Pirates!' (Tip: Use your Silence ability to distrupt Mmmrrrggglll from healing)

52] Turn in 'The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll'

53] Afterwhich head towards Sunsail Anchorage and do 'Lost Armaments' and 'Situation at Sunsail Anchorage'

54] Upon completion of 'Lost Armaments', go turn it in together with 'Grimscale Pirates!' and then take 'Wretched Ringleader'

55] Go do and turn in 'Wretched Ringleader'

56] Go finish up 'Pelt Collection' if you haven't done so.

57] Head to Fairbreeze Village to turn in 'Pelt Collection', 'Situation at Sunsail Anchorage' and 'Ranger Sareyn'

58] Take up 'Missing In The Ghostlands' and 'Defending Fairbreeze Village'

59] Purchase item 'Bundle of Fireworks' from the General Goods vendor for the quest 'The Party Never Ends'

60] Go towards north to discipline npc Apprentice Meledor for the quest 'Swift Discipline'

61] Go further up north to discipline npc Apprentice Ralen for the quest 'Swift Discipline'

62] Then head east to Stillwhisper Pond to turn in 'Swift Discipline'

Congratulations... you should have achieved LEVEL 10 and thus end my guide.