Her Mask PoE

Sacrifice Fragment Divination Card: Her Mask

Her Mask is a divination card. A set of four can be exchanged for a Sacrifice Vaal Fragment chosen in a weighted random fashion.

  • 4x Her Mask = 1x Sacrifice Fragment

Sacrifice Vaal Fragment

The regular sacrifice fragments are required to gain access to The Apex of Sacrifice, where the player can encounter Queen Atziri.

Fragments of this type can be acquired as a drop from a Vaal Vessel, from bosses of corrupted maps or from Izaro’s Treasure. Additionally, a set of 4 Her Mask can be exchanged for a random sacrifice fragment.

  • Sacrifice at Dusk
  • Sacrifice at Dawn
  • Sacrifice at Noon
  • Sacrifice at Midnight

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Her Mask PoE

Farming Her Mask Drop Location — How to get it

Her Mask can be dropped in the following areas:

Can drop in tier 1 to 6 maps.

Alleyways Map • Ancient City Map • Arachnid Tomb Map • Arcade Map • Arid Lake Map • Armoury Map • Ashen Wood Map • Atoll Map • Barrows Map • Beach Map • Burial Chambers Map • Cage Map • Cells Map • Channel Map • City Square Map • Courtyard Map • Cursed Crypt Map • Desert Map • Excavation Map • Fields Map • Flooded Mine Map • Glacier Map • Grotto Map • Haunted Mansion Map • Ivory Temple Map • Jungle Valley Map • Leyline Map • Lookout Map • Marshes Map • Mausoleum Map • Maze Map • Mesa Map • Mud Geyser Map • Overgrown Ruin Map • Pen Map • Peninsula Map • Phantasmagoria Map • Pier Map • Primordial Pool Map • Promenade Map • Ramparts Map • Relic Chambers Map • Spider Lair Map • Fungal Hollow Map • Strand Map • Sulphur Vents Map • Thicket Map • Crater Map • Tropical Island Map • Waste Pool Map • Wharf Map

Why won’t Her Mask drop?

I found that about one a day, every five hours, or even less. No, it’s not a filter. Good.

I have noticed that the rate of decline is a little low. Now you will mention it. I never get midnight, so I don’t care. Plus, you’re sure to get more from corrupt bosses.

I noticed that I got more invasive dark drops, which is an improvement, but I don’t know if they increased the drop rate (eventually), or just increased RNG.

That card was frustrating, too. I usually get ordinary things that I’ve run through. Or the poor pillar map that made me throw.

Powerfarmed in blood aqueducts with my 2nd char till lvl 70 (didn’t want to faf about with the story, just wanted to scream through the content and get to maps, double strike bleed explosion with WB, so it’s pretty fast)… Got 9 midnights and between 14–26 of the other frags. Might have gotten disproportionately lucky with rng, but got soooooooo many corrupted side areas there that I actaully remember thinking to myself “this seems much more common than what I remember”.

As for the card, been stuck in T5 maps for a bit (3 days, just started dropping T6 + last night), and it seems to me the drop rate is much lower than what it use to be. Have done 7 or so sets, total, between 2 lvl 80-something chars. That is quite dismal.

In fact, I’d go as far as saying it feels like map drops… Erm… Card drops over all feel quite dismal this league. *In all that levelling in BA couldn’t even put together a taba set. Ended up completing my first one during mapping, by which time I’d already bought a 6L, cheap white that I simply alched iirc).