How to be the Jester of Your Guild

We all know how boring raids can be sometimes, especially when plowing through waves of trash mobs. It sure does perk things up when someone whips out their Piccolo for an instant dance party, or scarfs down some Deviate Delight and entertains the crowd with an impromptu Headbanger’s Ball. If you truly want to make it your mission to be the harbinger of hilarity, there are plenty of useless novelty items you can bring along to amp up the fun!

Fun With Trinkets

I’m sure we all have at least one trinket in our bags that serves no useful purpose, but for the prankster this can be a great opportunity. There are a handful of in-game items that can provide entertainment and confusion for the whole family. One little known trinket that can be used by any player is the Discombobulator Ray. It’s created by an Engineer and only has five charges, so you’ll want to make friends with an Engineer for a steady supply. The great part is that it turns any mob into a Leper Gnome! It also reduces their attack power and movement speed, so it can provide some mild benefit during a fight. But the real fun ensues when your friends see leper gnomes randomly popping up during a battle.

Another fun trinket is the Orb of Deception. Imagine you’re all sitting around on a mana break or loot roll and all of a sudden there’s an Orc in your midst! OMG, what are we gonna do?!?! While everyone else is freaking out and asking where this Orc came from, you can be ROFLing yourself to tears. Granted, experienced players will figure it out and know how the Orc came to be, but you’ll surely manage to fool at least one noob who’s never seen this trinket in action before.

Ah yes, we’ve all been in Ironforge at one time or another and enjoyed the lag-fest that the Piccolo of Flaming Fire creates. But how many people think to use it during a drudgerous raid or instance run? When everyone is sitting through yet another loot roll, that’s the perfect time to whip this puppy out and bring on the fun. Nothing breaks the monotony more than forcing everyone to dance around like idiots.

If you don’t want to risk lag issues with the Piccolo, imagine walking gracefully through the crowd with your own little entourage in tow? Yes, I’m talking about the Barov Peasant Caller, folks. High-level players can get one by completing a quest in Scholomance, followed by a PVP quest in Tirisfal Glades. This trinket will spawn three “peasants” who basically just follow you around like slaves (or minions, whichever you prefer). So the next time someone calls “Mana Break” you can parade around as the resident “Royal” until it’s time to get back to the killing.

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With Feeling! Get Creative with Emotes

Let’s face it, we all use the same old, tired emotes. How many times a day do you see /bye, or /thank, and lest we forget, /fart. Surely we can do better than this?? Instead of the overdone emotes that everyone else does, try expanding your repertoire to those that are just as deserving, but sadly neglected. Throw out a /chicken at those oncoming mobs! Or better yet toss them a /kiss and let them know that you don’t hold their evil ways against them. Don’t just give your buddies the usual /lol, hit them with a /guffaw or /chuckle once in a while. Try using /gloat when you win your next duel instead of the typical /rasp or /spit. Just to mix things up after you down that next big boss, go with /applaud, /commend or /congrats in place of /cheer.

Other fun emotes that you can work into your day-to-day WoW vernacular are /moo and /moon, /panic, /party, /plead, /pray, /flop, /grovel, /insult, and /drool. There are many more zany emotes that I’ve haven’t mentioned, but this should at least get you off to a good start. Last but not least, for the ultimate in creativity: /em (fill in your own text).

Pet Madness

Everyone loves a good pet; you’d be amazed how many comments you’ll get from other players by having an interesting and unique pet. For the true entertainer, novelty pets can be a gold mine. First, you want to collect as many pets as you can. There are lots of ways to get new pets: quests, drops, vendors and special in-game events. Engineers also have the ability to make a variety of pets. So go crazy and gather as many as you can.

Once you have yourself a good collection of pets, let’s say at least 5-6, that’s where the fun comes in. Pick a time increment that works for you; it could be every 5 minutes or every 30 minutes. You could base it on raid activities, such as every 2-3 mob pulls. Then, you activate a new pet every time this window comes around. Depending on how many people are in your group, it could take a while for someone to notice the differing pets you have in tow. Eventually someone will catch on that your pet keeps changing and want to know what’s going on!

But how can I find interesting pets, you ask? Every Tom, Dick or Harry can get a cat or parrot from a vendor. That’s not for you. Obviously having a known rare pet such as the panda, Zergling, or Diablo will get a lot of attention. If you don’t have one of these but still want to be unique, there are other ways you can reach beyond the ordinary. In-game holidays can be your friend, as several of them feature pets as quest rewards:

Holiday or Quest Pet Reward
Midsummer Fire Festival Captured Flame
Children’s Week Turtle, Piglet or Rat | Elekk, Eggbert or Willy (Shattrath Matron only)
Winter Veil Reindeer, Gnome “Elf”, or Snowman
Any chicken (feed sold by Farmer Saldean in Westfall) Prairie Chicken
Distress Beacon quests in various zones Mechanical Chicken
Feralas Sprite Darter
Blackrock Spire (starts in Burning Steppes) Worg Pup or Smoulderweb Hatchling

And don’t forget Engineers, who can make a variety of pets including the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti, Mechanical Squirrels, Lil Smoky, and the Pet Bombling. These last two are quite rare so you probably won’t be able to get one unless you know a very lucky engineer who has the recipe.

Interactive Fun

While we’re concocting new ways to entertain our friends, let’s also turn our thoughts to ways we can include our friends. A game of catch is always fun and Blizzard has kindly given us the tools to make that happen. Leatherworkers can make a Heavy Leather Ball that you can toss to your friends. You can also get Happy Fun Rocks from Dire Maul as a loot drop. And what Winter Veil celebration would be complete without a Snowball fight? Snowballs are a great all-purpose item too, since they are used to activate the various Winter Veil pets mentioned earlier. Luckily, snowballs don’t melt, so make sure you collect a few (hundred) for year-round frivolity.

Let’s Put on a Show

Everyone loves a show, right? Of course they do, and you can be the Puppetmaster with the right tools. By doing quests during the Lunar Festival, you can collect Elder Moonstones. These wonders of WoW technology allow you to create a towering spotlight. Use it to highlight your sultry Night Elf moves or give you the attention you deserve for that epic armor you’re sporting.

If you want to create visual effects that will amaze and delight your audience, you’ll need to get yourself fireworks. This is another one of those situations that is greatly aided by an Engineering buddy, so if you have one – take advantage! Have them make you a Fireworks Launcher and you can collect the fireworks yourself from Lunar Festival quests. If you happen to run out, no worries, your buddy can make more fireworks. There are also a few regular quests that give firework schematics if your local Engineer didn’t manage to hit the Lunar Festival. And if you truly have no friends, you can visit the Fireworks vendor in Booty Bay. He only sells one kind of firework, but a lame display is better than no display, right?

The Masquerade

Oh how we love Hallow’s End… don’t we? The chance to be a Pirate, a Wisp, a Leper Gnome, and the perennial favorite: a Skeleton. If you are truly dedicated to whimsicality, you simply must have an ample supply of Hallowed Wands. Nothing perks up a raid faster than firing off some quick costume changes at the folks around you. Sadly, wands are not stackable and they are soulbound, so you can’t store them on a bank toon. But just think how much love you’ll get from your guildmates when you’re still able to deck them out in style at Christmas or even Easter. When you see the glowing smiles on their little faces, it’ll make all the inventory juggling worthwhile – you know it will.

But if you simply don’t have the inventory to spare (or simply don’t love your friends enough to delete that stack of Relic Coffer Keys and Twilight Cultist Medallion of Station you’ve been lugging around forever), you can always go the Deviate Fish route. You’ll only be able to achieve a ninja or pirate look this way, but it’s still a disguise. Go to the Barrens and fish out swarming pools of Deviate Fish. Then get yourself a copy of the Savory Deviate Delight recipe (check the Neutral AH for lower prices) and whip up a few dozen stacks. If you prefer to use the raw fish, the effects are less exciting to the recipient, but probably more amusing to the spectators. So pass them out to your mates and let the shenanigans begin!

For a more subtle level of visual enhancement, you can get yourself one of those perfectly useless off-hand items such as the 32-Pound Catfish or a lovely Red Rose. Combine these with the right novelty outfit such as a floppy hat and pair of Blue Overalls or a White Wedding Dress, and you’ll be the talk of the town.

Do it with Class

Well, I hesitate to go down this road with all the envy drifting around Azeroth, but I suppose we should acknowledge the contributions of those who have special talents that liven up the party. I’m sure someone will go unrecognized and I’ll get stink bombed, but here goes nothing:

Is there anything cuter than a Dancing Bear? No, there just isn’t, so you druids out there, share the love and give us more bear! C’mon, you know you want to!

Hunters are such show-offs. How many times do we see those silly missiles of yours raining about? Next time you want to flaunt those mad skills of yours, try firing off an explosion trap with a well-timed Feign Death. That’s sure to attract attention when your buddies think you’ve been accosted by a strange new mob.

We love Warlocks… their soulstones, healthstones, and summoning ability. But most of all, don’t we love the Succubus? She can be the life of any party with her skimpy outfits, menacing glare, and that cute/intimidating whip crack she does every so often. For a warlock, party can be summed up in one word: Succubus!

When all else fails, there are a variety of interesting AOE spells that can be fun to play with when you are bored and want to create a cheap magic show for your friends. Several classes can cast them, including Tranquility or Hurricane for Druids, and Blizzard or Arcane Missiles for Mages. You could even try combining some of these with a fireworks display for more interesting effects!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to the more entertaining side of WoW. Don’t forget to have fun out there!

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