How to get to Dragon Isles – WoW Dragonflight

Getting to the Dragon Isles

Players will get to the Dragon Isles via boats from Stormwind City and Orgrimmar, accompanying an expedition of the Explorers’ League and the Reliquary to the rediscovered land.


Four of them are leveling zones, while the fifth, the Forbidden Reach, is the starting zone for dracthyr evokers. Players have to go through the zones in order, starting in the Reach/Shores, and ending in Thaldraszus. The progression is vertical, with the Shores being located at the base of the Isles, while Thaldraszus is located at its apex. The expansion’s storyline runs through each of the zones sequentially. Exploration within the zones themselves, however, is comparatively non-linear.

Dragon Isles Zones

  • The Forbidden Reach (58)
  • The Waking Shores (?)
  • Ohn’ahran Plains (?)
  • The Azure Span (?)
  • Thaldraszus (?)


  •  Algeth’ar Academy
  •  The Azure Vault
  •  Brackenhide Hollow
  •  Halls of Infusion
  •  Neltharus
  •  The Nokhud Offensive
  •  Ruby Life Pools
  •  Vault of the Incarnates

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Wild creatures

In the Dragon Isles there are creatures with draconic elements to them because of the magic of the space–the draconic energy causing evolutions to the creatures over the years to give some of them scales, frills, or additional spikes. Some of the known such creatures are argali, hornswog, a specific type of mammoth on the Dragon Isles and ottuk.


The Dragon Isles are a lush and primal place bursting with elemental magic and the life energies of Azeroth, and once served as the dragonflights’ broodlands and the center of their kingdom when Azeroth was young. The djaradin and tarasek are two races known to have lived here even before the dragons arrived.

During the Great Sundering, much of the land’s magic was drained away and the dragons were forced to leave their homeland in the care of the titanic watchers, the drakonid, the dragonspawn, and the dryads that were left behind. The watchers used the Beacon of Tyrhold to hide the Isles away from all outsiders, as well as the dragons themselves. When a time came when elemental energy resurged and the dragons could be drawn home to reestablish their kingdom, the watchers would light the Beacon and reveal the Isles to the world once more.

Having been hidden away for more than 10,000 years, the Dragon Isles are a place that few have heard of and even fewer have been to. The Black Prince Wrathion long searched for the Isles, but was unable to find them as other dragons were not forthcoming in information. An “ancient home for all dragonflights” is mentioned in legends concerning the Dragon Riders of Loreth’Aran.


  • In Warcraft II, the Mysterious Dragon Isle was a multiplayer map shaped like a dragon’s head.
  • Tina Wang a Associate Art Director for Dragonflight in an interview described the Dragon Isles as being larger than Northrend.
  • The Dragon Isles were conceived as a “vertical space” from the outset. This was felt to “suit the fantasy of the location.” The zones were designed to be more compact than other regions.
  • Considering the Isles are located east of Northrend, northwest of Quel’Thalas and northeast of Exile’s Reach, the Dragon Isles should be located in the North Sea, yet it displays the Great Sea as of Dragonflight beta.

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