How To Get To The Blasted Lands From Orgrimmar

How do you get to the blasted lands?
Go through Deadwind Pass (go straight as possible, do NOT turn right) and east and south through the Swamp of Sorrows. There are Horde Guards who patrol the road; avoid if you don't want to be flagged for PvP. As you enter into the Blasted Lands, stay to your left; Nethergarde Keep is just left off the road.

Where is the portal to the Blasted Lands?
Portal to Blasted Lands from Orgrimmar is located in the Cleft of Shadow.

How do you get to the blasted lands from Stormwind?
Use the Dark Portal from the Blasted Lands to get from Stormwind to Outlands. If you are level 58 or above, the Blasted Lands portal in the Mage District of Stormwind transports you close to the Dark Portal. Use a flying mount to fly from Stormwind to the Dark Portal.

How do I get from Blasted Lands to Draenor?
Click on the Portal to Blasted Lands. Once at the Blasted Lands, travel southwest to coords 55.0, 50.3 and click on Archmage Khadgar. Select, "FOR AZEROTH!" After the cut-scene, you will be on Alternate-Draenor (where this expansion will be taking place).

The Blasted Lands bear that name for a reason: they were twisted by the magic that brought the Dark Portal into being, spewing the rampaging orcish Horde into Azeroth. Though the original portal was destroyed by Khadgar in the Second War, it was later rebuilt for Ner'zhul's Horde to cross.

Leading into the remains of Draenor, the shattered world of Outland, the portal was reconfigured to lead towards an alternate past incarnation of that world, thirty-five years in the past from where the Iron Horde came.

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Getting there

  • Walk, ride, or fly south from the Swamp of Sorrows, which is east of Deadwind Pass and Duskwood.
  • Level 90 players can teleport from their faction capitals to a phased version of the zone, which is part of the Warlords of Draenor intro experience.

Blasted Lands


This desolate and barren land has very little in the way of flora and fauna (the only exception is the Tainted Forest) barring the demons which now wander the plains. The region is particularly notable as of the Dark Portal that leads to Draenor, (formerly leading to Outland).

The wretched land hosts few inhabitants and some important small settlements such as Nethergarde Keep, Dreadmaul Hold or Surwich. Magic that leaked through the Dark Portal warped the Blasted Lands, leaving an infertile desert landscape. Hardy desert species like basilisks, scorpions and hyenas have since colonized the area. The red rocks of the region do not come by their color naturally. The original tan color was transmuted into the unearthly crimson by searing heat and chaotic energies when the Dark Portal was destroyed.

There is but one usable road in the Blasted Lands, guarded at the north by Nethergarde Keep’s grim mages. They have the unenviable task of watching the Dark Portal, guarding the rest of the continent from the demons in the south and protecting themselves from the ogre tribes that roam the desert.

The weather here is dry and hot during the day and bitterly cold at night. Mountains block any moisture that may come from the Swamp of Sorrows to the north, and the only signs of life can be found within the Tainted Forest on the southwest, but it was corrupted by demonic powers that have taken hold over the mastermind behind the revitalization of the scorched scar, the Gilnean druid Marl Wormthorn.

There are no instanced dungeons or battlegrounds in this zone.

Adjacent regions

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Swamp of Sorrows 40 - 60 North By foot or flight path.
Hellfire Peninsula 58 - 80 Center Through the Dark Portal.


How To Get To The Blasted Lands From Orgrimmar

  • Alliance:From Duskwood, head east through Deadwind Pass, be sure to stay to the northern edge of the zone where there are no mobs. Once through the pass and into the Swamp of Sorrows, make for the center of the southern border. A pass through the mountains there should take you into the Blasted Lands.
  • Horde:From Stonard in the Swamp of Sorrows, head southwest. The pass into the Blasted Lands should be very close to the Horde outpost.
  • All faction capital cities contain a portal to the area outside the Dark Portal. These portals are located near the portal entrances to the city, i.e. where the portals to the city lead. (Portal requires level 58 to use.)