How to get WoW Classic Money fast?

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Money in the game is the return the game pays to achieve a specific goal. Because you use these currencies to buy virtual items that are also sold in real currencies, the game effectively pays for the time you spend on the game. Most games do this at a few cents an hour.

The time you spend in the world of Warcraft is different. Goods produced at that time could be exchanged with other players in the economy. World of Warcraft not only allows you to get trick coins from the game to stimulate players to continue playing the game but also allows you to sell your time to other players. Compared with other players, the reward mechanism in the game such as “watch the vanguard” will give you more time.

There are many ways to make money in the world of Warcraft. Top wow gold manufacturers carry out complex plans, engage in arbitrage of raw materials through the handicraft industry, manipulate the server market to benefit themselves and speculate on rare goods. But let’s keep it simple, let’s say you want to grind gold by collecting goods and selling them at the auction house at that price.

The most profitable collection major in the world of Warcraft is herbalism. TCM doctors can plant more than 500 kinds of plants called fjarnskaggl in about an hour, and then sell them at the auction house for about 40 gold each. Conservatively speaking, they can convert at least 20000 gold per hour. Depending on your server and schedule, planting flowers or starlight roses may yield similar or better benefits.

The current price of the wow token fluctuates between about 80000 and 100000 gold, so you need about 4-5 hours of farming time to get the token. For the purpose of this article, we assume that you can plant herbs worth 20000 gold in an hour, while tokens worth 100000 gold.

You may do better, but if your farming output doesn’t perform as well as the more optimistic estimates, keeping our hourly gold conservative estimates will save you from disappointment. If you can grow herbs faster, or buy tokens cheaper, you will do better than this article predicts.

So how does it take time to grind herbs, sell gold, and spend on tokens in the world of Warcraft, compared to grinding money in other games?

How to Get Gold in WoW Classic?