How Xdefiant Aim Assist Works

XDefiant does have aim assist for controller players, and it seems to be balanced according to player feedback. Here’s a summary of what we know:

How it Works:

  • XDefiant’s aim assist helps with target acquisition, particularly when aiming down sights (ADS).
  • It slows down your aim slightly when moving over an enemy player, making it easier to track them.
  • The strength and follow adjustments can be customized in the settings menu.


  • You can toggle aim assist on or off completely.
  • There are options to adjust:
    • Strength: This determines how much aim assist slows down your aim when near enemies.
    • Follow: This controls how long aim assist "sticks" to an enemy target.


  • Generally, there seems to be positive feedback from players regarding the balance of aim assist in XDefiant.
  • It helps controller players without feeling overpowered compared to mouse and keyboard (MnK) users.

Here are some resources you might find helpful:

Remember, aim assist is just one factor in mastering XDefiant. Practice, map awareness, and good decision-making are all crucial for success!

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