>Hubris PoE

random unique Ring Divination Card: Hubris

Hubris is a divination card. A set of five can be exchanged for a random unique ring.

  • 5x Hubris = 1x random unique Ring

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Hubris PoE

Farming Hubris Drop Location — How to get it

Hubris can be dropped in the following areas:
The Library

Can drop from Jeweller’s Strongboxes.

The Library

The Library is an area in Act 3. This area has a waypoint and is connected to The Imperial Gardens and The Archives. The library is a series of large rooms with bottomless pit, where the walls are lined with books and boxes. The ghost Siosa waits near the waypoint. A loose candle in one room reveals the exit to the Archives. Throughout the library, lore-books may be found on book stands: each instance has one passage from each of Victario’s Writings, The Purity Chronicles, and The Ancients.

Unique Ring Outcome

  • Valyrium
  • Perandus Signet
  • Praxis
  • Dream Fragments
  • Timeclasp
  • Warrior’s Legacy
  • The Warden’s Brand
  • Gifts from Above
  • Valako’s Sign
  • Heartbound Loop
  • Sibyl’s Lament
  • Bloodboil
  • Tasalio’s Sign
  • Snakepit
  • Icefang Orbit
  • Circle of Fear
  • Pyre
  • Death Rush
  • Circle of Guilt
  • Circle of Anguish
  • Emberwake
  • Venopuncture
  • Blackheart
  • Stormfire
  • Kikazaru
  • Mokou’s Embrace
  • Circle of Regret
  • Kaom’s Sign
  • Ngamahu’s Sign
  • Ming’s Heart
  • Astral Projector
  • Romira’s Banquet
  • Brinerot Mark
  • Profane Proxy
  • Malachai’s Artifice
  • Thief’s Torment
  • The Pariah
  • Mutewind Seal
  • The Hungry Loop
  • Vivinsect
  • Voideye
  • Redblade Band
  • Andvarius
  • Essence Worm
  • Call of the Brotherhood
  • Le Heup of All
  • Angler’s Plait
  • Lori’s Lantern
  • Doedre’s Damning
  • Ventor’s Gamble
  • Mark of Submission
  • Shavronne’s Revelation
  • Rigwald’s Crest
  • Berek’s Pass
  • Berek’s Grip
  • Berek’s Respite