Immortal Resolve PoE

Fated Connections Divination Card: Immortal Resolve

Immortal Resolve is a divination card. A set of six can be exchanged for Fated Connections.

  • 6x Immortal Resolve = 1x Fated Connections

Fated Connections Prophecy

Objective: Use Jeweller’s Orbs on any body armour or two-handed weapon until it becomes six-socketed.

Reward: Item will become six-linked.

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Immortal Resolve PoE

Farming Immortal Resolve Drop Location — How to get it

Immortal Resolve can be dropped in the following areas:

Carcass Map • Vault Map

Immortal Resolve drops from Carcass Boss

Also got one from a twinned carcass about two days ago.

I got one in Vinktar’s Square

Is immortal resolve viable to farm

Not sure anyone has tried but I’m wondering if it’s worth trying to farm the card.

I’m ssf and I used all my 1700 fusings and failed on my belly to link.

I have 2/6 cards right now so debating on farming for them.