How to make sure you can receive e-mail from Blizzard

Have you ever contacted us and never received a reply
Many of our users never receive our e-mails due to spam filters used by their e-mail providers or programs, because the e-mail address registered to their account is no longer used, or because they once could receive our e-mails but no longer can due to changes by their e-mail provider. Many of these e-mails contain important information, such as help for technical issues, replies or requests for information from in-game support, and important information from our Account & Billing department.

It is very important you ensure your spam filter is properly configured to allow e-mails from so that when you contact us, we can contact you back!

Verifying your registered e-mail address
Please make sure to check what e-mail address you entered when you created your account. This can be found by logging in to the Account Management page using your normal account name and password. For security reasons, this page will only display the first letter of your email address. If you have more than one email address starting with the same letter, or need to confirm or change your registered email address, you should contact our Billing and Account Services department whose contact information can be found here.

Configuring your e-mail service/client
To make sure you will always receive our e-mails when we send them, you can add us to an e-mail "whitelist". Choose the e-mail provider below that you have your World of Warcraft account registered to. You may also need to follow steps for additional providers if you contact us from something other than your registered e-mail address.

Internet Service Providers

Forward Thinking:
We have found that many customers run into e-mail related difficulties because they forget to think ahead when changing e-mail addresses or moving and acquiring a new ISP. It is important that the e-mail address on your account information is current and is configured to properly allow e-mails from Blizzard.