Is Buying PoE Currency Safe

In fact, buying poe currency with real money is against the rule of GGG. However, this doesn’t mean your account will be banned. If you want to buy poe orbs, you must choose a safe and reliable seller.

Buy PoE Currency Safe

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I like Poe. It’s the best game I’ve played for a long time. The skill tree, slain monsters, skill gems are all great. But without RMT, I would not be able to continue playing. I’m no longer a kid. I have a big boy’s job, a GF, a dog, a personal commitment, etc. Poe is a very demanding game, I can’t do everything possible to experience all the great things it offers if time is limited, I have to play.

Now I know RMT is a painful topic in the community, most people despise it, but it always exists. The biggest factor that makes a good performance in this game is the lack of time. But I made a lot of money and could spend a few dollars on hobbies. I can’t spend 40 hours at dominus to get some valuable money to buy what I want. But I can buy five ex’s for a few dollars, so I can continue my own construction. I really don’t think it’s a problem. I will never be competitive on a ladder, PVP or any competition. I’m just on my own to see if I can kill atziri once (still not, because I’m bad, but I did get it through superstition and Trio). I have two characters, one character in the 1980s and one character in the 1970s. I’m well equipped. I can’t get there alone and finish watching the game. I just don’t have time.

Annoying words, but I am RMTer, which will make me play more interesting. I can try to build what I want without having to grind for a million hours a day. I’ve learned why people are against it if they’re streaming or super hardcore. But for temporary workers like me, I think it’s a decent hope to get more from the game.

Can U4GM guarantee the safe of buying poe currency?

Yes, they can. Here, I’ll share with you why U4GM is safe and reliable.

Professional services: customer service is an important part of the website. A team of experienced customer service representatives can bring unforgettable encounters to players. In particular, for some first-time currency buyers, a qualified customer service representative can assist with advanced queries. Here, I suggest you Poe currency u4gm. The service of this website is very good.

High reputation: if you don’t know anything about the site, just try to see the opinions of other participants. You can search for it on trust, bizrate, Facebook or some other social networking sites.

Fast delivery: before buying currency, you can ask the website for real-time chat, where there is currency stock or how long you can get currency. U4GM can deliver your Exalted Orbs within 10 minutes.

PoE Buy Currency Banned?

You have to follow some guidelines to make RMT in exile completely safe. Let’s start:

Trading with other participants in a secure market. Traders usually use responsible accounts with strange names (such as completely random names with no meaning at all) and only trade with you once. If you use this account to trade 100 Exalted Orbs, it will cause great doubt. U4gm is the best price I choose, and top security is the safest market for such transactions.

Always trade items that may be worth as much as the POE money you get from the orbs seller (the only items that are based on the low and high position are belts, rings and amulets, so there is the least suspicion of trading this type of rare item) if you trade white / Blue potions and portal rolls, you really think someone will believe that you have found a completely worthy idiot, although Is it worth it?

Never talk about real currency transactions, never name the site from which you purchased the sphere (or any other RMT site related to it), never mention the dollar or any other currency. Just pretend you’re selling a rare CR foot item for the 50 precious jewels. Period.

Don’t buy too many and low-level items on your new account. If your old account (preferably a few months) has a character level of 60 or more, then over trading the noble ball is less suspicious. However, if you create a new account, get 25 levels (you can trade spheres) and snap up 200 ex’s from a store, that may not be the best idea.

The safest way is farming currency yourself: Build a powerful character

What building are you looking for? Some considerations need to be kept in mind when making a budget.

Some versions will be much cheaper than others. GC mines, summoners, Ed / infectious diseases, etc. are all very easy to use ~ 10C and tables. In general, attack based builds will be more expensive than casters, as they increase damage through weapons (requiring monetary investment) rather than jewel level (requiring only time investment). If you want to maximize monetary returns, I’ll focus on some specific speed building methods (ED / infectious diseases and tornado attackers are the two cleaners I’ve participated in this league, and both are very good).

In most cases, the return on equipment investment is decreasing. A pair of 10–15c boots is better than a pair of 2–3c boots, but they are usually not good enough to run on 2–3c boots. By the way, you can usually get unique products with similar statistics, and get decent rare products at a lower cost (for example, see catalyst of doryani).

Some items, especially unique items, can be purchased at a price lower than the price of Some good examples are the prism of doomfletch (I spent 10C on last time I checked, but the normal doomfletch spent 1alch, while the prediction cost 5C) and the uniqueness that can be obtained through the div card (in this league, I used to buy div instead of goods, which is — 10C lower than the market value). It can be used to make money (flip) or to build things cheaply.

Consider the opportunity cost of running high-level maps. They may put more money on each map and offer more XP (assuming you don’t die more often), but they also need more time to run. Priority is given to quick liquidation over a slightly higher ilvl drop (it’s practically worthless unless they’re not going to be worth 84ish ilval anyway) to get more money/hour. An extreme example is the aquaculture water pipeline — I remember someone posted here a week or two ago said that he just played a standard bluff front for the water pipeline, which sounds silly, earning about 0.8ex per hour (even if there is a penalty for grade decline), because he can clean them up so quickly. Water pipelines are usually very suitable for farming because they are very safe and do not require investment, whereas maps require at least one map, and if any real return is needed, a high ground. Also, make sure you run the map in a good layout (minimize backtracking and prioritize open areas over smaller areas). You will be able to clear a beach like a hell much faster than an underground sea.

As others have mentioned, merging all currencies and projects will make you realize that you have far more assets than you think. I recommend downloading the currency cop to track how much money you actually have and how much money you make.

Technically, the game is F2P, but spending a small amount of money on tabs will allow you to farm more efficiently. I strongly recommend that you obtain at least one “currency” label and one “advanced” label so that you can sell the product without acquisition. When selling, I suggest not to sell at a price higher than the lowest price (no fixed price) of, because currency now allows you to upgrade your equipment faster, so that you can plant more currencies faster.

I’m sure you’re tired of listening to My loitering, so this is my last point. Getting money takes time to invest and often jumps as if you were gradually adding money to multiple maps, especially if you don’t use MF gears (which makes the state more stable, better), revenue). Don’t be angry with the disc, because you can hardly recover the Alps after running the map because you will eventually find chaos, decent uniqueness, and even sublimity. Continue to run the map, and you’ll get paid in the end.