Is Selling Wow Gold Illegal?

There may not be any illegal acts, but they violate Blizzard’s terms of service.

Selling gold is not inherently illegal. Company A basically sells employees’ time as a service. we will go out and get you a pile of gold, and you will pay for it. I think some of these companies may violate labor laws because they work too many hours or not pay enough or other things, but generally speaking, it is not illegal to sell your time to others.

However, game companies in general and Blizzard, in particular, do not like you to do this, and usually put languages ​​that oppose it in the EULA (End User License Agreement). It usually unbalances the game economy and may cause specific problems, leading to a “pay to win” mentality in some PvP games. So every time you log in, you will click on a long agreement without reading it-one of the clauses that say you can’t buy gold outside of the game. If they catch you, they have the right not to give you any compensation or refund.

(However, in the point of “If you can’t stop them, join the theme mentality, Blizzard has added its own gold system cash in the form of WoW tokens-user a can buy cash tokens in the game, and then user B You can buy gold tokens at the auction house in the game)

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My Opinion

I think gold trading in World of Warcraft is against the rules of the game. If you buy World of Warcraft gold coins, you may be punished by Blizzard.

Therefore, anyone, any website that claims that they are legal or legal is not true.

But so far there is no law about RMT, so it is not illegal, it just violates the rules of the game. So you can’t say that all websites that sell World of Warcraft gold are illegal.

My suggestion is:

1. You can buy World of Warcraft gold because buying World of Warcraft gold from a gold seller can make the game easier and more fun. With a little real money, you have money in your pocket, and you can buy whatever you want in the game.

2. Remember to choose a website that has a professional team from seeding to delivery, safe and well-known payment methods, 24/7 live chat, and after-sales service.

3. Remember, when you buy World of Warcraft gold is a risk, don’t blame everything on the seller once your account is suspended or banned.



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