WoW Darkmantle Armor

NameLevelReq. LevelPiecesTypeClass
Darkmantle Armor 29                Leather

Darkmantle Armor is a World of Warcraft item set.

It is formed by the following items:

  •  Darkmantle Belt
  •  Darkmantle Boots
  •  Darkmantle Bracers
  •  Darkmantle Cap
  •  Darkmantle Gloves
  •  Darkmantle Pants
  •  Darkmantle Spaulders
  •  Darkmantle Tunic

Wearing pieces from this set will give you the following bonuses:

  • (2 Pieces) Reduces magical damage taken by 5%.
  • (4 Pieces) Chance on melee attack to restore 35 energy.
  • (6 Pieces) Increases Agility by 20.
  • (8 Pieces) +10 Armor.

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