Jewelcrafting Shopping List (1-300)

This is a materials list for power-leveling jewelcrafting. It is intended as a companion to the full jewelcrafting guide with accompanying recipe list.

The “Alternate” Column lists ingredients you can use interchangeably within the same skill range. In other words, there are two recipes that can gain the same skill points, you select which column has the materials that are easier for you to acquire. In some cases there are alternate columns with somewhat “higher” ingredient requirements. I’ve included them because they still might be easier for some people to collect. For example, one person might already have 80 iron bars and 20 large fangs, and therefore prefer not to purchase 20 lesser moonstones. Also, depending on your Prospecting results, you might end up having twice as many opals as diamonds (yes, this can really happen). In this case you’d prefer to use the opal recipe for skill points even though it requires more gems.

I left off most of the really horrific Jewelcrafting recipes, usually blue items that require significantly more gems than a typical person would want to waste just grinding skill points. I also did not include any of the Figurine recipes because they are all Bind on Pickup.

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Skill Range Ingredients Needed Alternate Ingredients
1-150 70 Copper Bars
30-50 Copper Ore (for Prospecting)
150-200 Rough Stone
10 Malachite 10 Tigerseye
80 Bronze Bars
10 Small Lustrous Pearls
20 Shadowgems
30 Silver Bars
100 Heavy Stone
20 Shadowgems 10 Jade + 20 Iron Bars
20 Lesser Moonstones 20 Large Fangs + 80 Iron Bars
10 Moss Agate + 20 Bronze Bars (10x Bronze Settings) 20 Ogre’s Strength Potions + 80 Iron Bars
150-225 60 Mithril Bars
100 Solid Stone
10 Jade + 60 Mithril Bars (30 Mithril Filigree) 10 Truesilver Bars + 20 Gold Bars
10 Truesilver Bars + 20 Gold Bars 20 Elemental Water + 20 Mithril Bars + 10 Citrine
20 Elemental Water + 20 Mithril Bars + 10 Citrine
35 Aquamarines
50 Flask of Mojo
50+ Dense Stone
225-300 90 Thorium Bars (30 Thorium Settings)
10 Star Rubies 10 Star Rubies + 10 Citrine
30 Truesilver Bars
60 Heart of the Wild
10 Azerothian Diamonds 20 Large Opals + 20 Thorium Bars
40 Blue Sapphires + 20 Truesilver Bars 10 Azerothian Diamonds
10 Essence of Earth + 10 Powerful Mojo + 40 Thorium Bars 10 Azerothian Diamonds + 20 Thorium Bars
40 Powerful Mojo + 40 Living Essences + 20 Huge Emeralds 20 Huge Emeralds + 40 Thorium Bars

There’s not much reason to take this list beyond 300. Once you get to that mark, the majority of your recipes will be for gem cutting and that is how you will get most of your skill points. Since you will acquire most of your gems from prospecting, it’s just not possible to plan a progression ahead of time. But surely this is the part of Jewelcrafting that you are aiming for, so having me to hold your hand through it shouldn’t be necessary 😉

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