Wrath Classic Kartak's Rampage

Kartak's Rampage

EndShaman Jakjek
World questNo
CategorySholazar Basin
ReputationFrenzyheart Tribe +350
Rewards13 60

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Bring a pure sample of Oracle Blood to the Altar of Kartak to summon Kartak the Abomination. With the aid of Kartak's shared powers, slaughter 50 of the nearby Sparktouched Gorlocs for Shaman Jakjek in Kartak's Hold.

  • Sparktouched Gorloc (50)


You the great Lich Hunter, eh? Good to have such strong Frenzyheart ally for battle. Maybe you strong enough to call Kartak even.

Big battle at Kartak's Hold to southwest. Go kill spark big-tongues until you get good bit of Oracle Blood. Bring blood to altar in Kartak's Hold to call Kartak for delicious feast of big-tongue.

Kartak take your body if you worthy... with Kartak's powers, you slaughter more big-tongues than even best dreams.

Go kill lots, hunter!


You will receive: 13 60


So many big-tongues to kill! So fun, eh?


Ritual went so easy for you!

You come back later for more killing someday, okay?


Competing this quest is a criteria of the Honorary Frenzyheart achievement.