WoW Coilskar Chest Key

Coilskar Chest Key
Coilskar Chest Key
Item Level 1
Binds when picked up
Use: Unlocks a Coilskar chest.

Opens (1)

Name Zone Type
Coilskar Chest
Shadowmoon Valley (Outland)Lootables

Dropped By (8)

Name Zone Level React Type %
Coilskar Defender
A Humanoid39%
out of 8,138
Lady Shav'rar
A Humanoid35%
out of 1,018
Coilskar Sorceress
A Humanoid34%
out of 7,444
Keeper of the Cistern
A Humanoid34%
out of 664
Coilskar Siren
A Humanoid33%
out of 13,425
Coilskar Muckwatcher
A Humanoid32%
out of 6,898
Coilskar Myrmidon
A Humanoid29%
out of 14,450
Coilskar Waterkeeper
A Humanoid27%
out of 3,276

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