Korthia - World of Warcraft Shadowlands

Korthia, City of Secrets

9.1 will add new areas to the Maw including Korthia, it’s currently unclear if Korthia will be an area or a separate zone.

Korthia, City of Secrets is a fragment of a long-lost domain pulled into the Maw by the Jailer, dragged from the hidden byways of the In-Between, this landmass has its own strange creatures and brims with mysteries the likes of which the Shadowlands has never seen. It is these obscurities that the Jailer is after, the secrets of an enigmatic group known as the First Ones.

If you watched the Chains of Domination trailer, Korthia is the giant landmass that the Jailer was pulling into the Maw using enormous, magic chains. Korthia will be the focus of the new campaign, with players exploring its ruins and meeting the few surviving citizens to discover more of the Jailer’s plans. Players will also uncover a system to counter the Eye of the Jailer, the Grand Theft Auto-esque ‘Wanted’ levels that eventually force you to flee the Maw after causing too much trouble.

Korthia WoW

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Korthia will be a new area for quests, exploration — and to break up the monotony of the landscape of the Maw. It looks like it will be the central point tying together the next phase of the Covenant campaigns. All four Covenants will work together towards a single goal, which will lead into the next raid, in Torghast. You’ll be able to use your ground mount in the Maw, and fly in the four Covenant-controlled zones outside of the Maw. By including the new area within the Maw, this allows us to mount there, but not fly — a nice compromise for a new questing area.


In the World of Warcraft Patch 9.1 What’s Next Panel, Blizzard has announced the new zone: Korthia, the City of Secrets! dragged from the hidden bryways of the In-Between, this zone will include several new rewards for players, including a Spectral Steed mount, a Severed Hand mount, and more!

Heading back into this area will allow us to explore all of these new sections, entertain new content, meet new allies, and face off against new foes. And in addition, we will also see some brand new rewards. Some of the new rewards we’ll find within the Maw include this Maw-themed undead horse and a Maw Hand mount that is actually a giant severed Hand of Domination that you will ride on the wrist section area, in a really creepy and cool manner. And of course, there will be Maw-themed Maw battle pets to collect as well, including your very own minion of domination.

The In-Between is a miasma of energies that separates and surrounds the realms of the Shadowlands as well as a parallel reality to each realm that can be entered through rifts. It is vast, but far from empty. It is inhabited by both wondrous and terrifying beings and is said to hold many secrets, but it is a chaotic place that few can navigate and few have ever explored. The In-Between is presumed to be the home realm of the devourers. There are several lost land masses in this place, such as Korthia before it was pulled into the Maw. The In-Between was once rich with streams of anima connecting the different realms of Death, but the current anima drought has caused the realms to become cut off from one another.

Players are sent through the In-Between on anima wyrms when they take flight paths between the different realms. In addition, the visuals displayed while a player is dead in the Shadowlands are meant to give the feeling that the character is half tethered to their body and half traveling through the In-Between.

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