Madden 20 Competition Plan

The basic defense strategy in Madden NFL 20 defense of NFL may be a complex problem, as well as Madden 20. There are all kinds of defense systems in every formation, there is no worse feeling than to stop attacking. If you can’t predict the outcome of the attack to some extent, you are likely to give up a lot of yards. Whether it’s for AI or online games, football strategies are the same. If you plan correctly and follow a series of defense rules, you will fall into a third failure and have a chance to get rid of the on-site defense. So let’s look at some defense strategies that you can use to keep your edge.

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Competition plan

Just like the offensive plan for the attacker, so is the defensive game plan for the attacker. If the offense has a certain speed in a wide catcher position, your defense may need top help. If they are good at running, then you need to provide running support to the defenders, or send the fifth defensive linesman in the battle trench. Deciding in advance what you are willing to give up will help you expand your strengths.

If you say you won’t be defeated, stick to mut coins. Play a lot of cover 3 and cover 4 and manage short free throws. Use various combinations in each formation to fight back. In basic 4–3 defense, you can change the formation and arrange it under 4–3, up, up, up, down, etc. These adjustments help mask cover 3, assault or cover 2.

Understand X factor

In Madden 20, factor X has an extraordinary ability. If the X factor is activated, you need to farm it quickly. In fact, the best option is to prevent it from being activated first. Understand the strengths of each attack you are dealing with and focus on it. Try to contain the best players and force other skilled players to beat you. Fight the box against players like Ezekiel Elliott and saquon Barkley.

When facing elite recipients, make sure you are in the best defense against the player. For example, because of the simple fact that Jones is an absolute beast, every defender against Julio Jones will be at a disadvantage. You will need multiple players to defend him. You can choose how to do this. You can do area coverage first to hope that there are several defenders in his area, and then pass the coverage from one person to another. Or you can use it more advanced. Select an area help, including the top help. There, choose your corner guard, change his coverage to between people, even double it, and then play your corner and security on Jones at the same time. Now, you’re going to give up the rest of the field, but by using some madden 20 coins, it’s going to force non-x players to beat you, which is a reasonable trade-off.


The quarterback’s pressure will affect the accuracy of the throw, but the level of quarterback will determine the impact here. Therefore, the key to good defense is to steal the pass, force the quarterback to get rid of the orb , fight for or be fired. Evaluate the ability of the defensive end. Are they strong players or fast Kwai? If they have speed rather than strength, then let them widen and rush to the edge to carry out the sack. You will compete for quarterback, draw or let yourself go, but the pressure is still great.

Another strategy is to use Blitzkrieg effectively. In a short time, it is not uncommon for the attack to enter the game and pass the orb . The shiny and overloaded side of the edge will help you reach the quarterback before the quarterback serves. Even in third and eighth place, you can bring seven defenders to exert pressure. Finally, you can have a more unique blitz here and there. Sometimes try to attack the safety zone or corner from the short side of the court, because the first position of the opponent’s attack seems to be the wide side of the court. This may prevent them from seeing the surprise attack on the short side.

Forcible attack

Take appropriate defensive measures to make the attack move in the direction you want. This is achieved by moving the defense line to the strong side of each attack formation. Or, you can move them to a wide area every time. Although you give up a little advantage in the weak side run, you are also reducing the offensive run route.

Second, you can try to lure the opponent to throw the orb to the desired area. Press the receiver and force the QB over the top. Return to hornguard and force it down. Or, by Blitzkrieg, you can make the impression that you are actually luring the quarterback to a dangerous place, leaving a positive code for a specific area. You can do the last thing by masking coverage. For example, you can attack a corner or safety zone, but place the defensive end on a level surface. This may force the quarterback to throw a deflection or get out quickly, giving players like Khalil Mack the chance to play.

Wrap up

Attack wins the game, but defense wins the championship. Not many people believe in this concept because it’s related to the Madden League in 2019, but either way, it’s much easier to win a football match if you can prevent offensive scoring. In every game, every defense gives up scoring, especially in the National Football League. Having a solid defensive game plan and knowing which offensive players can beat you the most effectively is the first step to staying ahead. Once the X factor can be accommodated, it can start loading and withstand stress, haste and sacking on the quarterback.