Mage/Warlock Arena Matchups Guide by Darkalpha

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No mortal strike debuff. This team can be tricky at first if you're caught off guard, but this combo is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. This will be a long match, because of just how long a frost mage/Sl warlock can survive, but it should be easy enough.
You're going to be going in and out of LOS the entire fight avoiding fears, and like all double dps fights, your warrior is going to be going shield/spell reflect/pillar kiting at the drop of a hat if he even thinks anything is going wrong.
Your warrior is going to attack the warlock, it's much easier to kill than the frost mage and it prevents fears.
They will either attack you or your warrior(duh)

They go for you:
This should be easy enough if you stick close to a pillar, and have your warrior Hamstring everything. You can LOS everything the mage throws at you, as well as avoiding all the fears. Your hots should be more than enough to keep you alive, as they have no purge or dispel (8 second dispel from felhunter, and mages can spellsteal, but if they do it runs them oom super fast and you can win). Your warrior will be poly'ed a lot, but when he's not, hes decimating the warlock/applying the hamstrings. It will be a long match, and watch out for the mana drains.
You're going to have to stay alive a long time, but they have no real way to burst you down as long as you constantly shift out of the shatter combo. The danger here is getting to around 70%, then eating a counterspell-silence, then a spell lock silence, while the mage spell-steals all your hots/NS and being bursted down. As long as you're running around the pillar, you should be able to survive with relative easy. Eventually, the warlock will die from your warrior beating on him, and you'll win. Going for the Mage generally won't work. Double Iceblock, Frost bite, frost nova, and he can spell steal your hots if he needs to. It's much easier to kill the warlock, and it prevents his fears.

If they go for the warrior:
This can be easy enough, but it can get really scary when they fear->counterspell-Spell-lock combo and try to burst down your warrior. You need to be next to a pillar the entire match, giving yourself room to LOS fears easily and giving your warrior a good escape option via intervene. Keep a full set of triple lifebloom rolling at all times, and rejuv when he's below 80%. Watch the spellsteals, if he does use them it'll require you to keep hotting constantly, but it will drain his mana very, very fast.
Your warrior needs to be on the ball here, watching for pummels on the fears, and if he sees that you do get feared, he needs to go shield/spell reflecting and intervene to you where he can then pillar dance until your get out of their CC and bring him back to full. When he sees the mage pull out the elemental, he has to make sure that he's not going to be vulnerable to a burst, and do his best to kill it without putting himself in a bad situation (intercepting the pet will put him across the map from you, for example).
Again, the danger here is a deathcoil/fear/spell lock/counterspell combo in which they can burst down your warrior. But, as long as you have your hots rolling on him when they start it, your warrior should be able to survive long enough via pillar kiting until you get him back to full. The warlock will die soon enough, and you can take your points.

When the shadow sight spawns, your warrior needs to pick it up (If they're attacking you). This will prevent him from getting Sheeped so he can continuously beat on that warlock.
Your warrior needs to kill the Water Elemental. This prevents the ranged shatter combos that will kill you.