How to make animated emoticons in Macromedia Fireworks

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Before using this tutorial, you have to know how to make static emotes such as and . PLEASE don't come to me and ask how; there are plenty of other tutorials out there. For Fireworks STATIC emotes, go to =Zikes and for Photoshop ANIMATED emotes, please go to =KeReN-R, as they've spent time to make tutorials.

I know this is pretty long, and perhaps long-winded - and by the way, if you think it's patronising, tell me. THEN I'll be patronising. - but this is my first EVER tutorial, and it's for beginners (to the animated world anyway).

Hints and Tips:
- Always check to see that your emote flows correctly in both close up (e.g. zoom x 400) and at 100%. This way, when you upload it, you don't have to go through the whole thing again when you find something goes wrong at 100%.
- SAVE YOUR WORK CONSTANTLY. You don't wanna spend ages on an emote, and then have Fireworks freeze. All that effort down the drain. Trust me, it sucks.
- Practise makes perfect. If you're brand new to the idea of emotes, don't get all stressed out when it doesn't go your way. Take your time. It's not gonna run off at any point. Unless you're making a sprinting emote in which case...

Any questions, comments, thoughts etc. leave a comment, note me, or email me at

If you use my tutorial to make an emote, can you note me with the link Please Thank you!