Making PoE Currency with a Party

You can either find a party and join the game OR solo-farm fast and profitable spots.

Now that GGG removed the label from timed drops, no one will be complaining about loot “ninjas”. Whenever you see a good drop… just click it and keep the mouse button pressed until your character grabs the item. Don’t just click one time or multiple times: click and hold, then release when you acquired the loot.

Multiplayer games are good because you make a lot of XP and can benefit from other players. The difference between solo and multi is really noticeable, in terms of loot quantity/quality. Give it a try. Don’t care about others, just do your business and focus on loot.

If you want to have fun: make friends and play the game as it (should be) intended: cooperatively. Be nice to each other, talk, exchange opinions, share stuff.

If you want to make currency: use others at your advantage, be fast when gathering drops, don’t expose yourself to unnecessary risks. When an elite/hard enemy is nearly dead, be prepared to run for the loot. Focus on drops, don’t care too much about “who is killing what”. Just follow the group, add your DPS when needed and profit. Don’t waste time talking and/or trying to understand stuff: just keep an eye on drops and stay far from ranged stuff.

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If you want to waste some time: try to buy cheap stuff in $trade chat and re-sell it for a higher price. Be warned that trading in this game can be a HUGE waste of time. Farm stuff instead, it can be much more profitable, plus you don’t need to talk with annoying/greedy traders.

The loot you want to grab in party games:

  • white items with 6 sockets (vendor them for good currency)
  • white items with at least 3 linked sockets with different colors (vendor them for good currency)
  • any yellow item (vendor if you don’t need it)
  • any currency, just click-and-hold every time you see something valuable

If you don’t like parties, farm a good/easy spot where you can find packs of slow enemies to be killed with an AOE spell/skill (The Docks, The Prison, The Ledge, …). Just try to do a LOT of damage in a short time and keep going on. Don’t care too much about zone level (I farm 5–10 levels below).

The currency will magically start to pile up in your stash.